3 Good Habits To Create For Yourself

3 Good Habits To Create For Yourself

Have you ever wondered how some people seem organized all the time?  Why they always seem to have it all together?  It isn’t because they are perfect because we all know that no one is perfect!  While I can’t speak for every organized person, I having a feeling they possess habits that they use in their everyday and work life.  I’ve listed 3 habits below that I know I often draw upon:

  1. Stick With What Works For You!  Have you ever thought that you could have a newer, better cell phone?  Perhaps your car isn’t the newest one on the road?  Maybe you feel ‘out to lunch’ because you take notes in meetings with an old-fashion pen and paper?  Don’t waste time, energy and money on the latest and newest ‘just because‘.  It is exhausting and can quickly have you feeling overwhelmed by what is out there!  Individuals who are extremely organized find ways to get the job done and typically stick with works for them.  For example, in the iPhone App Store today, there are 2524 apps just for productivity!  Would I use them all?  Oh my….no way!  Have I tried a lot out to see how they work?  Absolutely!  I have my favorite productivity apps that I use daily that work for me.  I’m sticking with it until it no longer serves a purpose instead of trying to find the next greatest one out there.
  2. Separate Your Emotions From Your Possessions.  Do you have things that once belonged to your great-grandmother?  Is there something special that was given to you that reminds you of something?  Those are great examples of items to keep.  For example, my mom and dad have a great mirror that once belonged to my grandma that hangs in their home.  Every time I look at the mirror I’m reminded of her and where it used to hang in her house.  On the other hand, I have not kept the ticket stubs to a John Cougar Mellencamp concert (that I went to twice!).   Many people struggle with this one.  Here is what I typically say: “If something is important to you, then you need to have it out and have access to enjoy it.  If you put something in a box and tuck it under the stairs and don’t see it again until you move (in 5 years, 7 years, 15 years, etc.), is it truly valuable to you or just a forgotten item? [br]
  3. Think Ahead!  Highly organized people are always thinking and thinking ahead.  They look at their calendars and plan accordingly.  They listen to the traffic reports to see if they need to make adjustments to their travel plans.  They listen to the weather to ensure they are wearing the correct jacket and shoes.  They plan out their route if they have to make multiple stops to ensure they are utilizing their time effectively.  They set timers and/or make deadlines for things to get done.  For some people, this comes naturally.  For others, not so much.  If you are someone who knows you could benefit from this habit, there are ways to help yourself think ahead.  You can create a list of what to do first, second, etc. that you may find helpful.  Once you have completed the first step, cross it off and move to the second.   If you are someone who needs a list, this should be done every evening or every morning to help you focus on your day.  Some backwards planning will also help.  Use your end time and work backwards.  For example, if I need to be at the north end of town by 2:00, then I’ll need to leave here by at least 1:00.

Although I have only talked about 3 habits, there are many more habits that organized individuals rely on.  My personal favorite is: no drawer is called the Miscellaneous drawer.  A place for everything and everything in it’s place!

Have a great day everyone!


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