3 Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2020: Why these stood out for me

3 Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2020: Why these stood out for me

There are many reasons I love attending the Kitchen and Bath Show. While I don’t focus too much on trends when working with private clients, it is always fun to see what the kitchen and bath trends are for 2020.

Trends are especially important for me when working on investment properties. Investment properties need to sell quickly so being on trend is super important!

Kitchen and Bath Trends 2020

As I may have mentioned before, prior to me attending KBIS, I strategically plan out what I’m going to see, what my focus will be on, and what my clients would enjoy in their own homes.

I knew that a large focus for me we was going to be on bathrooms. I design and work in a lot of bathrooms. From main bathrooms, powder rooms, and creating the ultimate master ensuite, I spend a lot of time in these rooms . Every time I seem to do a live Facebook video, I’m in the bathroom!

Industrial|Masculine Feel

The first day of KBIS 2020, I focused a lot on bathrooms. From fixtures, to tubs, sinks, baths and showers, there was plenty to see.

Without a doubt, many of my plumbers like to work with Delta and Kohler, As such, those two booths were my first stops and ones I spent the most time with.

What I found was a very industrial, masculine feel of their products and vignettes. Instead of soft curves, straight lines and beefy looking handles reigned.

Delta Faucet vignette with a very masculine feel | Image by Sheri Bruneau |
#KBIS 2020

Kraus colour changing faucet. And yes…I had permission to photo this. Once again, an industrial feel | Image by Sheri Bruneau |#KBIS 2020

Brizo | Image by Sheri Bruneau |#KBIS 2020


What was ever present at KBIS this year was the presence of customizations.


Gone are the days where customization is just for the extremely wealthy. From faucets to door handles, there are plenty of ways one can customize their own look.

Brizo Faucet | Image by Sheri Bruneau |#KBIS 2020

I saw this Brizo faucet with some pre-made options…

Some pretty options for the handle insert | Image by Sheri Bruneau |#KBIS 2020

The super cool feature with this faucet is that it comes with a template so you can truly pick what ever you want. Keep in mind, once you select something to go into the handle, that’s it. No changing every year to something new.

While I was thinking of my personal clients, I was also thinking how amazing this would be for the hospitality industry to truly put their mark (branding) into their properties.

Can you see the endless possibilities to customize your space?

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, which spout and handle is a go? | Image by Sheri Bruneau |#KBIS 2020


What can I say about Emtek? I have used Emtek in my own home and have loved using their products for kitchen hardware as well as interior/exterior door hardware.

My Emtek hardware in my kitchen

Door Hardware

This year, they took customization to a whole new level!

Images by Sheri Bruneau |#KBIS 2020

This is the one I created.

Emtek custom handle. I chose a square, chrome rosette, the chrome, L-square stem, and then the Tribeca Black Matte Handle | Image by Sheri Bruneau |#KBIS 2020

I love being able to bring this uniqueness for clients. You first select your rosette, then your stem design, and finally your handle .

The possibilities are endless | Image by Sheri Bruneau |#KBIS 2020

While I am only showing two examples and two companies, there were many instances where one could customize the look and feel of a space. This allows you to truly have that customized space without ever seeing it on Pinterest!


From tile, to sinks, to bath tubs, there was texture everywhere I turned. I just couldn’t resist petting and feeling each item to feel the texture. Some of the products you will see below can be customized, some of them are just down-right sexy! What do you think?

Kohler | Image by Sheri Bruneau |#KBIS 2020

Kohler customizable apron sink | Image by Sheri Bruneau |#KBIS 2020

Kohler customizable apron sink | Image by Sheri Bruneau |#KBIS 2020

This gorgeous Trueform Concrete sink | Image by Sheri Bruneau |#KBIS 2020

Hammered sink from Kallista | Anne Sacks vignette | Image by Sheri Bruneau |#KBIS 2020

Gorgeous Kalllista bath | Image by Sheri Bruneau |#KBIS 2020

Daltile | Image by Sheri Bruneau |#KBIS 2020

Daltile | Image by Sheri Bruneau |#KBIS 2020

Why these kitchen and bath trends stood out for me

Many of my designer colleagues have written their blog posts on what they thought were the KBIS 2020 trends. For me

  • industrial/masculine feel
  • customizations
  • texture

really stood out for me because they seemed to be everywhere. Can I see myself using any of these ‘trends’ with my clients. One never knows…

Shop the Look

While a lot of the looks mentioned in the post can be curated by an Interior Designer, here is one way to get more of a masculine/industrial feel to your bathroom. I chose a bathroom as it tends to be a space where you can really let the feel shine through.

It should be noted that this look is not just for the male population. It is only a look and feel that can be created to any space.

Oh – and the artwork, I personally have in my son’s bathroom and I still love it!

Click on the image to shop the look.

The items below may contain affiliate links. Any purchases, at no additional charge to you, are most appreciated and make this blog possible.

Industrial/Masculine Feel

On deck for next week? My Top 3 KBIS 2020 finds. I hope you’ll stay tuned.

Wishing to refresh your space in your home? Contact us today to discuss your next project.


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