3 Reasons Why You’re Going to Love These New Shower Faucets

3 Reasons Why You’re Going to Love These New Shower Faucets

When I attend KBIS 2018 with Modenus as part of their Blog Tour I was super excited as I work with a lot of clients in designing kitchens and bathrooms.  I was so excited to see what is new in both of these areas and specifically was thinking of my current renovation clients.  One of the sponsors for the blog tour was the Lixil Corporation that encompased American Standard, Grohe, and DXV brands.  I’m choosing to write about American Standards new line of shower faucets for a number of reasons.  You will see why below!

Please note: according to FTC rules, I need to disclose that my trip to KBIS was a free trip.  While I did not get paid for my time at KBIS, my hotel, airfare and some meals were covered.  As I write about our sponsors  I wish for you to know that I do not receive any additional monetary compensation for doing so.  

 Shower Faucets

What’s your water flow pleasure?

When I start working with clients in designing their new bathroom, we often talk about the shower and their preferences.  As I’m known to be blunt and to the point, I typically ask if they like a soft, gentle rain-like feel from their shower head or if they prefer to have their skin ripped off with a high pressure spray.  Clients understand this line of questioning and are quick to let me know their own preference.  What I typically hear is that one person likes the softness of a rain shower while the other person loves the blast of water (that really could rip your skin off)!  So what is a couple to do?  Let me introduce you to American Standard’s Spectra+ Shower Collection!

I’ll be showing you all of the shower head options below, but let me just say that the multi-function shower heads offered in the new Spectra+ collection provide you with a choice of 5 spray patterns: Drench, Sensitive, Jet, Massage and PowerWash.

shower faucets

In addition, I’m breaking down the shower head options and the shower faucet options separately.  Why am I doing this?  Because that is the way I specify these products with my clients.  Wait – let me add this:  you can purchase ‘packages’ at a big box store (that contain the faucet [known as the trim kit] and shower head all in one.  When I work with clients I typically like to specify the shower head and the trim kit on their own (to give the client the custom shower faucet/head that they deserve).

Shower Head Options

When you’re updating a space without a massive overhaul or renovation, replacing your shower head is one simple way to make a change.  American Standard offers the following choices in their new Spectre + Series.

Rain Shower

I personally love a rain shower.  I do know that many people do not enjoy it as it’s not a hard enough spray.  If you love the feel of a rain shower, then you’ll love these features:

2 and 1 Shower Head

This shower head is the bomb!  It combines the flexibility of a fixed shower head as well as a hand-held all in one!

  • 2-in-1 design provides added functionality
  • Dock -Tite™ for a powerful magnetic connection between the two shower head pieces
  • Enjoy increased spray coverage, a conveniently located diverter to switch from head to hand shower and 4-function spray selection via AquaToggle™
  • Includes four separate spray functions
  • Drench provides a soaking spray with full body coverage
  • Sensitive is a fine spray that is soft and gentle on the skin
  • Powerwash™ provides powerful, sweeping coverage to help make cleaning the shower and tub easy
  • Massage brings a pulsating spray to help you unwind and relax
  • Pressure compensating flow device provides a  consistent flow over a wide pressure range
  • Flow Rate of 1.8 gpm helps to save water

shower faucets

Image source

Shower Faucet Options

For the faucet (the trim kit) there are many options that American Standard offers.  The best part of specifying the trim kit on it’s own is that you can pick the style that works best for your bathroom.  Here are a few that caught my eye!

shower faucets

Image source

shower faucets

Image source

shower faucets

Image source

E Touch Option

Have you ever had a shower head where you would like to change the water flow but the shower head was either too high to change or the mechanism to change the water flow is too hard to move?  The Spectra+ eTouch showerhead features industry-first technology allowing users to change spray patterns with a touch of the fixture itself, or on the convenient remote.  Yes – you heard that right!  A remote control in the shower!  Shut.up!

shower faucets

I’ll be honest: when we were getting the tour and shown this remote, I thought:

How freaking lazy are people?  Who the hell needs a remote for the shower?

As I listened to the explanation of this technology, it became clear to me how silly I was with my initial thoughts.  I should know better than to judge prior to knowing all of the information (insert #nojudging here)!  Here are some features and who may benefit from this technology:

  • The remote control can be mounted on any shower surface.  This provides a stylish, ergonomically designed solution for users who have difficulty reaching the showerhead due to age, height or mobility restrictions.  Currently, I am working with clients on an entire home renovation project where the entire design is focused around aging in place.  Um….duh!  This would be fantastic for them!
  • The Spectra+ eTouch offers users the option of using the showerhead or the remote to enjoy convenient, one-touch operation for change in spray patterns.  No more tippy-toeing to change the flow of water.
  • Both the showerhead and remote are powered by easily accessible batteries in the units.  What this means is that this feature does not have to be hard-wired!  Again, something that you could easily add in to your existing shower!
  • The pricing to include the E Touch on the fixed shower head is $179-$239 USD

The entire time we were having our tour, I thought of the many property investors that I work with as well as clients who are on a tighter budget.  All of American Standard’s options would be a great addition, in my opinion, for your upcoming bathroom renovation.  The 3 reasons you’ll love these shower faucets:

  1. The option of having various water flows and functions of the shower head and faucet.
  2. The ability to have a remote control to allow for a wide range of users.
  3. You can not beat the price!

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