An Organized Space: My top 3 tips to get it together

an organized space

An Organized Space: My top 3 tips to get it together

Ahhhh…..ringing in a new year always gets people creating New Year’s Resolutions or setting goals. Having an organized space is one request that tends to fall high on a list for many people.

I find that I personally deal so much better when things are

  • In their place.
  • When there is no clutter.
  • When there is peace and calm in a space (and yes, that is how I sign off on my monthly newsletter). Not signed up to receive it monthly? You can sign up here.

To have things in their place, it all has to fit! With that philosophy, I don’t tend to have a lot of crap. I like to only keep things I use (remember how we give the gift of experiences and useable items instead of things for gifts?)

Disclaimer: You will see that I often use the word ‘crap’ and it really just stands for things. I say crap, you may say stuff. Don’t be offended ok?

Here are my top 3 tips for an organized space that I personally use in my own home.

An Organized Space

Tip 1: Tiered Storage

In most cases, there is never enough space for all of our crap. If you have already culled through and have kept what you need AND you still find you need more to have an organized space, this is one of my favourite tools to use!

A tiered stand uses your vertical space. Whether it is in your kitchen or bathroom, or office, they can be just the item you need to not only access your crap, but show it off in a pretty way as well.

You may be able to use these tiered storage solutions for your kitchen, bathroom, office, or any space where you could use them! Here are a few of my favourite ones.

Tip 2: Containerize it

Look, it really is simple math. You only have so much space in your home. One way that I love to keep an organized space is to limit the space for crap. And how do I do that? I limit the space using containers.

Take a linen closet for example. A linen closet tends to be small. I want you to ask yourself,

  • How many sets of bed sheets do we REALLY need?
  • How many sets of towels do we REALLY need?

Using containers is a great way to ensure that you have enough AND get rid of the things you don’t need anymore, don’t use, or for the items where you simply have too many. Containers also work so well in a bathroom. Clear containers especially as you can see how much you have and when you’re running low.

An extra touch of being organized is to have the containers labeled. Ahhh…it just melts my heart to see that image above.

I could add so many images for containers. Really, the sky is the limit. Whether they are plastic, fabric or canvas, they should serve a purpose.

Tip 3: Use Vertical Space

There really are times when there just isn’t enough floor space, counter space, or drawer space for all of our items. So what is a person to do? Why not use your vertical space better known as your wall space? And let’s remember, it doesn’t have to look ugly either!

Offices, bathrooms, mudrooms (boot rooms) are some great areas where these may come in handy.

When I start talking about organizing, I can go off on tangents and talk for hours! Have I said how I personally feel when I have all of my crap organized?

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Peace and calm

As we head into this year called 2020, if you are finding your space needs a good re-fresh, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We love helping create new spaces that are organized and beautiful all wrapped in one!

Sheri Bruneau


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