3 Ways to modernize your home: Project Reveal

modernize your home

3 Ways to modernize your home: Project Reveal

When it comes to ways to modernize your home, many people do not know where to even start. It can quickly become overwhelming with

  • too many choices,
  • too many friends/family offering their own suggestions and of course,
  • the investment ALWAYS comes into play.

Background of my Clients

My clients were living in Mexico for the past 3 years due to work. While they lived in Mexico for three years, their son lived in the home and managed the property.

Upon moving back to Canada, my clients were aware that their home they built was looking and feeling dated. My client thought that naming their project Casa Nueva (new house) would be a great name!

modernize your home
Well hello, dated pillar, tile floor and carpet that dictates everything!

This week’s Project Reveal was a great modernizing project where we focused on 3 main areas.

Modernize your home

  1. PAINT

    There were a total of 3 major feature walls plus the powder room. Since we knew our palette for this entire home was going to be cream and blue, we chose a really beautiful blue to change out these walls (see below)
    modernize your home


    My clients knew they would soon be blessed with a new puppy – a Bernese Mountain Dog! As such, we chose to go with one flooring for the entire main floor. The floor we chose is water resistant, kid resistant and pet resistant.

    What is also great about this flooring is it is phthalate free, there is no formaldehyde, and it is Floorscore certified.

    modernize your home


    Millwork is woodwork that can be found (or not found) throughout the home. In this home, there was one dated millwork piece we needed to address (the round column) and a couple of areas where millwork would be added.

    modernize your home

Modernize Your Home

While we addressed three major areas in this home to modernize it, we also addressed the following:

  • To work with the existing cabinets and granite we updated the backsplash tile.
  • The dining room chairs were reupholstered.
  • We used new fabric for the kitchen stools.
  • Invested in a new kitchen dining table.
  • Existing dining chairs were sprayed.
  • A new sofa table was purchased.
  • My clients brought many decor items from Mexico.

Here are a few after photos to wet your whistle.

modernize your home
BEFORE AND AFTER REMODEL – While there were many elements added to modernize this home, the new colour palette of blue and cream is so fresh.
Sheri Bruneau, Designer | GITYYC Renovations

BEFORE AND AFTER REMODEL – A new, lighter cream wall colour paired with a blue accent wall really showcases the art my clients own. Sheri Bruneau, Designer | GITYYC Renovations

BEFORE AND AFTER REMODEL – The addition of wainscotting in this formal dining room took this space from boring to classy.
Sheri Bruneau, Designer |GTYYC Renovations

You can view the entire portfolio here

Looking to update and modernize your home? Contact us today to discuss your wants, wishes and dreams.

Navy and cream are so classic and timeless. I’ve rounded up some living room decor that you may wish to add to your home as well.

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