3 Ways Your Home is Weighing You Down

3 Ways Your Home is Weighing You Down

Is your home weighing you down?

Every New Year I’m sure you hear the same thing I hear and see the same thing I see.  Advertisements for loosing weight!  Here are some catchy ones I’ve seen so far:

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  • 6 ways to lose weight in 2014
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But have you ever thought that although your body may be carrying a few extra pounds, your home may be adding to your weight?  You know, the weight on your shoulders that pulls you down?  The weight you feel when you walk through your door?  Here are three ways your home may be weighing you down.

 #1: Too Much Stuff

When I get called in to do a consultation to get a home ready to sell, nine times out of ten the first thing I notice is there is too much stuff in the home.  There may be:

  • too many bookshelves along a wall (or walls).
  • too many pieces of furniture in a particular room.
  • too many items in a cupboard, drawer, shelf, etc.
  • too many clothes in a closet
  • too many toys in a playroom

Seriously, the list could go on and on.  Having too much stuff can make the walls feel like they are creeping in on you.  It makes the space feel that much smaller.  That creeping feeling is weighing you down!

#2: Guilt

One of the hardest decisions people have is letting go of things they no longer use or need.  You see, there’s a little voice in our heads that tells us, 

“Whoa!  You spent money on that so you better keep it.

You were given that by _______ so you can not get rid of it.”

 That little voice is weighing you down!  It’s the guilty voice inside your head.  Guilt is a heavy burden to carry.  Guilt that you:

  • spent money that maybe you shouldn’t.
  • are keeping something because you just don’t know what else to do with it.
  • are keeping it because ___________ gave it to you so you need to keep it forever.

It’s decision time and sometimes those difficult decisions need to be made!  If it’s weighing you down try to remember this little saying, “Use it or loose it.”

#3: Getting Old

It’s inevitable that homes get old.  Paint color choices that were chosen ten years ago are most likely out of date.  Flooring options have evolved over the years, there are a lot of counter top options, appliances have changed in size and appearance, etc.  Things have changed!

Your home may be weighing you down because it’s just plain old and you’re ready for a home facelift.  The good news is that providing some cosmetic changes do not have to break the bank.  A fresh coat of paint can change the mood and feel of a room instantly!  Changing handles on cupboards and drawers can change the look instantly.  New furniture in a room can change the function and feel of a room.

Home Sweet HomeThe question of 2014 is:  Are your going to continue to let your home weigh you down?

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