All I Want for Christmas Santa is A New Kitchen

All I Want for Christmas Santa is A New Kitchen

I’m so excited for today.  Today is a demolition day!  You may be thinking, “So close to Christmas?”  Oh yes baby – we’ve got 4.5 weeks from start to end to get this baby done.

A New Kitchen

The Planning

Ms. Client was referred to me by some fantastic clients I worked with the past year.  When I met Ms. Client, I was able to see her home and get a really good understanding of what she was looking for.

Ms. Client has a lovely home and was looking to update her home.  The more we talked, the more it was evident that she was not looking to blow out any walls or doing anything drastic.  Although the potential for her home would be spectacular with blowing out one wall, Ms. Client has no intention on moving any time soon.  Ms. Client also loves the layout of her kitchen and really likes that it is not an open concept.  She can cook and never be worried about guests seeing her pots and pans.  Here are a couple of images of what the kitchen looks like.



Can you believe the ceilings?  They are so gorgeous!  And just so you know, they are staying.

The Design

Knowing that there were no walls going to be moved, the footprint of this kitchen was not changing.  In consulting with Ms. Client, the common theme was the lack of storage and/or useable space in her current kitchen.  The other comment was that her kitchen always felt dark.

A few things on the list of priorities were:

  • A larger space for a new refrigerator (they’re making them bigger and taller than what she currently had space for).
  • Drawers to easily pull out.
  • More storage.
  • A white kitchen to freshen things up.
  • New flooring to be installed.
  • The TV to stay in the kitchen area and be mounted onto the wall.

I created two new kitchen design options.  One option had a built in oven and microwave in the tall cabinet and one option had a stove and OTR (over the range) microwave.  After discussing the pros and cons of each design, the decision was to go with the option of an OTR so that her tall pantry could be utilized for food storage.  Here are a couple of renderings of what her kitchen is going to look like. In these renderings, the ceiling has not been vaulted however the original wood ceiling is staying (as you will see in the before pictures).

new kitchen
new kitchen
new kitchen

New Kitchen – The Pretty

Once the design was hammered out, Ms. Client and I worked on solidifying the pretty.  Ms. Client wanted a white kitchen and as you may be well aware, there are over 140 different shades of white.  In looking with the rest of the home, we chose a beautiful white that falls in the cream category.  After choosing the right white, all of the other decisions stayed in line with the cream foundation palette.  We chose the following:

  • quartz counters
  • brushed nickel cabinet hardware
  • stainless steel appliances
  • creamy subway backsplash tile
  • updated track lighting
  • a new kitchen set
  • new window coverings


Stay tuned to see the progress of this kitchen on my Facebook page.  As always, I’ll be sharing this completed project when it’s all done along with all of the fixed elements for this space!
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