A Year in Review 2021 | We were kept awfully busy this past year

year in review 2021

A Year in Review 2021 | We were kept awfully busy this past year

It is that time of year where we compile a Year in Review 2021. While I look back to last year at this time, we were anticipating a new year with trepidation. We really didn’t know what to look forward to, what life was going to throw at us, and what the world was going to bring us.

Due to Covid, (and I pray that the beginning of that sentence will not be part of our vocabulary this coming year), we do not have many final photos. Here is our breakdown from the past year:

  • 23 Design Build Projects
  • 3 Projects that were Design Only
  • 1 New Build project being built in Denver, CO.

Out of the above projects, we completed

  • 12 Full Kitchen Projects
  • 8 Bathrooms
  • 5 basements
  • 2 entire home renovation projects

A Peek at a few of our Projects

While we don’t have a lot of final photos, we do have some progress shots and ‘near completion’ shots taken from my iPhone that we would love to share.

I also have written about some of our projects that are not fully photographed yet:

Here are some of our highlights (and I’ve only chosen 3 to highlight).

Primary Bath Steam Spa | Discovery Ridge

This Primary Bathroom was in need of an update. We created more storage, a dream steam shower, and a more open feeling space. You can see some more progress shots of this project in my IG stories.

a year in review 2021

a year in review 2021

Entire Home Face Lift – Heritage Pointe

For this project, we installed a number of different wallpapers in this home. From the fun wallpaper in the powder room, to the main bathroom in the lower level, to the bedrooms upstairs. I love wallpaper – especially on the ceiling of the dining room! While the only space that had a full gut was the primary bathroom, the rest of the home received a lot of paint (cabinets and walls)! The before and after images showcase the improvements in this home. I’m looking forward to getting some professional photos of this space this year.

a year in review 2021

a year in review 2021

Cameron Ave | Lower Mount Royal

This great condo has a special place in my heart. As you may be aware, the Mister and I have started to look at downsizing, and this was a downsizing project for my clients. This project really allowed me to see that I could totally live in a condo – if done right! This entire unit received a lot of love! You can see some of the action photos on my IG stories.

a year in review 2021

a year in review 2021

This past year, I really took a step back from social media. While many of our projects can be found on Instagram or on our business Facebook page, I stopped recording and taking video of our projects. I also took a step back from weekly blogging. As you may have guessed, we were extremely busy this past year. Along with all of our continued news around Covid (and it never seems to be positive), I felt I needed a break from the computer. You know…turn the news off and just live. While I continue to be on top of restrictions that we need to follow, being off of social media and not listening to the news has been helpful for me.

Looking Forward

As we move forward into 2022, we look forward to working on some exciting projects that are already scheduled and in the books:

  • New build in Denver, CO.
  • Calgary new build of a garage/suite
  • Invemere B.C., new build
  • Two new bathroom projects
  • A new basement re-development
  • Two new kitchen projects

My goal for this year is to take more photos of our projects – in progress and completed projects. I hope to get back to many of our projects this past year to get those final photos to add to our portfolio.

When I saw this on IG, I burst out loud, because it kind-of summed up my year.

My hope is that this year, I gain more patience. Patience with supply chain, with clients who need (and should know) where their product(s) is, and in delays upon delays with everything and anything. Deep breaths in…

Happy New Year!

Sheri Bruneau


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