Renovation Headaches | Supply Chain Lead Times and Pricing

When my monthly newsletters go out on the first of the month, I include a ‘feature article’ that is typically not a blog post. This past April 1st, my feature was on renovation headaches. Not the construction headaches, but the supply chain headaches. So what exactly am I talking about? **A little side note: WordPress

Main Bath Remodel: Out with the old and in with the new

A main bath remodel was recently completed for clients of our as part of a two-phase renovation. Phase one focused on getting the Primary Bathroom and creating a Spa Retreat for our clients. Phase two consisted of an easier project where we simply carried out an ‘out with the old and in with the new’

Project Reveal: We’re going to make this home work!

I am so excited to be sharing this project reveal today! Our first Renovation Discovery Meeting with this family was in April of 2019. We went through the wants, wishes, and dreams, and then came up with our proposal to work with this family. As life got extremely busy and our renovation calendar was full,

What does it cost to renovate a main bathroom?

What exactly does it cost to renovate a main bathroom? I get asked this question a lot! And while there are many variables that go into a project, I’m going to break things down and simplify things for this blog. For this blog’s purpose, we are not going to be moving anything. No walls, no

A shot of colour for a bathroom: Sneak Peek

When I say we are adding in a shot of colour for a bathroom, I am not kidding! A couple of weeks ago, I shared what we had planned for a powder room makeover for this family. I can’t wait to show you what we actually picked for that space because it’s not anything that

Project Reveal: Primary Bathroom Remodel Spa Retreat

Our Primary Bathroom Remodel Spa Retreat recently completed and I’m happy to share the results! Our hope was that we transformed a dated space and created a spa like dream. As Is I always like to show you what the ‘before’ or ‘As Is’ plan was prior to us working in the space. The Plan

Master Bath Makeover Sneak Peek

We are gearing up for a master bath makeover and have been busy pulling things together for this project. The As Is We always start with how a space currently looks. For this master bathroom, this couple has a double sink, a small shower, and of course, the toilet. This master bathroom has my clients

Tweaking a Renovation Budget: How to make the right decisions

This past week, we started a new project, in conjunction with Debra Blake Designs, to update a main bathroom. For this project we had to do some tweaking of the renovation budget prior to starting. Background of the Bathroom First of all, the home that we are working in may potentially be sold within five