Managing client expectations: My top 3 tips

I belong to a few interior design communities.  In these communities, we will often share our wins, discuss design dilemmas, discuss how we all run our own business, and of course, have many, many giggles and laughs!  Managing client expectations is a topic that comes up a lot. As I was looking at what other

Quartz Counters: Why you should always double check

When it comes to countertops, I am typically specifying quartz counters or granite counters for bathrooms and/or kitchens.  In a recent project, I had worked with the clients to find the perfect creamy quartz counter for their kitchen.  As you know, there are various shades of white/cream so getting this right was super important.  Whites

Luxury Bathroom Faucets: Adding the icing on the cake

Ahhh….the word budget!  Every time I work with clients of course I’m going to be thinking budget.  What I love about being in charge of the budget is that I can manipulate it to possibly splurge in one area and maybe pull back in another.  Today though, I’m not talking budget at all.  Let’s throw

Shower floor options: What is best for you?

This week I’m going to presenting some bathroom options for clients.  In both bathroom presentations, I’m going to be going over shower floor options.  You see, during our meetings prior to me coming up with design options,  the Mrs. was stating that although she loves the look of a shower floor with tiles, she also