One Room Challenge Week Three: Bathroom Fixtures and Accessories

Bathroom fixtures

One Room Challenge Week Three: Bathroom Fixtures and Accessories

It’s week three and we are half-way through the One Room Challenge™.  Things are progressing very nicely in our main bath renovation/refresh project.  Although we hit a tiny snag with the minor bathtub damage, that was quickly fixed and we continue to move ahead – just as I have planned out in my Renovation Calendar.  This week, I won’t be sharing a ton of updated images as it was a boring week – drywall.  There really isn’t any pretty getting installed yet!  What I do wish to share are all of the bathroom fixtures that I have chosen for this space.

Bathroom fixtures

Please note, the products listed below contain an affiliate link.  While these links are at no additional cost to you, I will earn a very small commission if you click through and make a purchase.  As I write about the products below I wish for you to know the views expressed in this blog are totally mine.

Bathroom Fixtures

As you may know, the design for this main bathroom falls on the ‘masculine’ side.  Although a Champagne Bronze finish would look fantastic with some of the choices I have made for this bathroom, it really doesn’t say ‘masculine’ does it?  I knew immediately, I was going to go with matte black!

Sink Faucet

The bathroom fixtures are my supporting fixtures for this entire space.  I knew that doing a ‘standard’ faucet (coming out of the counters) was something I did not wish to do.  I really wanted the sink faucet to come out of the wall.  When I contacted my plumbing rep (Laura at The Ensuite), I told her that I wished to have the faucet come out of the wall and for it to be matte black.  I let her know that I was designing a more masculine feel for this bathroom.  Laura showed me the line from Delta Faucets and I instantly fell in love with the look.

bathroom fixture

Get this faucet here.

Shower Faucet

In keeping with the same line from Delta, I knew I wanted to have a shower head that was a hand-held shower head.  You know what it’s like cleaning a bath/shower and by having a hand-held shower head, it was the perfect choice for it to be functional in the space.  I have to say, it’s not bad to look at either!

bathroom fixtures

Get the Valve and Trim here

Get the Shower Head here


I knew that I needed 2 robe hooks for the towels.  After debating back and forth about a tissue holder, I decided to order one and if I ended up not using it, it would not be the end of the world.  I have a little surprise that involves the robe hooks.  I am going to save that little surprise for the final reveal!

bathroom fixtures

Get the tissue paper holder here. 

Get the robe hook here. 

Bathroom Fixtures

As you may see, the lines of all of the bathroom fixtures are strong and have a bit of a masculine feel to them.  They are the perfect additions for this One Room Challenge™ and I can’t wait to see them installed!

Coming up for week four is super exciting!  Here is what is on deck:

  • My tile installer will start to install the tile for both the bath/shower walls and the floor.  I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’ve changed the bath/shower wall tile.  Wait until you see what I’ve chosen!
  • The painter is going to come in and start painting the walls and ceiling.  I did not scrape all that darn popcorn off not to have that fifth wall painted white!

Oooo…I get so excited when the pretty starts to get installed!  I hope you continue to follow along with my journey!

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