Bathroom Layout: Swinging Single

Bathroom Layout: Swinging Single

I was fortunate and blessed to be able to work with my clients for a second time – this time getting their master bathroom updated.  When I started to work on this bathroom layout project, I immediately started brainstorming what I would call this project (as I do like to name all my projects).  With the wishes for the new master bathroom from my clients, I created two bathroom layouts giving them the items on their wish list.  I’ve called this project: Swinging Single – and you’ll see why below.

Below are a couple of before images of the bathroom they were living with.


In having multiple meetings with Mr. and Mrs. Client, part of my process is to really listen and take that information and create a design with all of their hopes and desires for their new space.  My clients knew they were not going to be selling any time soon as their twin boys are settled in their school and extra curricular activities.  Knowing we were not renovating to move, we looked at the function of their bathroom strictly for them.  There were a few things that I heard during out meetings and took into consideration when planning out some bathroom layout options for this lovely couple:

  • Mr. and Mrs. Client do not get ready for work at the same time.
  • One likes to bathe.
  • The other likes to shower.
  • The wish for more storage.
  • The wish for a larger shower.



In listening to their hopes and desires, it was time for me to put some magic into the limited square footage of this space.

Bathroom Layout: Option 1

I started off with conceptual renderings and this was Option 1 that included a double vanity (no change from their current bathroom), the same size shower, but additional storage by the bath tub.  Of course, absolutley everything would be updated.  The one wish that was on their list that was not included was a larger shower.  There’s only so much space on the wall where the vanity sits (and was not going to be moved).  This rendering would show my clients what their master bathroom could look like with the extra storage and everything updated.

bathroom layout

Bathroom Layout: Option 2

The Option 2 conceptual rendering included a much larger shower (which was on their list), the additional storage by the bath tub however with the larger shower, my clients would have to go from a double sink to a single sink. Again, all of the finishes would be totally updated.

bathroom layout

Bathroom Layout: Decisions, decisions

The function of this bathroom really came down to the double vanity vs a single vanity.  Most people would say it’s crazy to go from two sinks to one.  I even had a little poll on my social media sites asking opinions (just for curiosity sake).  The majority said they would love a double sink vanity.  What you do need to remember is that:

  • My clients are not moving any time soon so this bathroom is for them and their lifestyle.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Client do not get ready in the morning at the same time.
  • They really wanted a larger shower.

The decision was to go with the single sink option.  We were officially swinging single!

Bathroom Layout: Concept to Reality

Once the conceptual design was agreed upon, then we got to work on nailing down the fine detail of the cabinets and their configuration, and of course, picking out all of the pretty.  We originally started with looking at creamy coloured cabinets but moved to a darker, stained oak cabinet.  Once the cabinet stain was solidified, I then worked on tile selection, tile layout, counters, all of the finishes and then paint colour.  We ended up changing the original paint colour to a darker taupe colour to ensure the tile was not reading pink (which is was doing with the lighter colour).  Here is the final conceptual rendering we worked off of.
bathroom layout

Bathroom Layout: Cabinet Configuration

My clients loved the idea of adding additional storage by the bath.  Although the cabinet is not very deep, I used the entire vertical height to allow for maximum space.  Having 2 rows of pull out drawers and a bank of adjustable shelves, there is a ton of storage – not to mention the 2 beautiful glass cabinet doors at the top to display some ‘pretty’.

bathroom layout

Custom Cabinets 

For the vanity, because we were adding in a drop in sink, the configuration had to be changed a bit to allow room for the plumbing.  The final cabinet allows my clients to each have two pull out drawers each, as well as a common area in the middle.

bathroom layout

I think the outcome came out very sophisticated and rich in colour and depth.  What do you think?

transition1 bathroom layout transition3

You can check out more of the renovation photos in my portfolio on Houzz.

While my photographer Ruth was getting ready, she happened to take this great photo of the family dog, Cody.  Couldn’t resist adding this sweet, sweet dog.  I’m sure the look on his face is really saying, “I hope this is the last disruption to my day.”


Sheri Bruneau Get It Together

Photo Credits:  Ruth Skiffington.  

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