Bathroom Renovation: What Are The Options?

Bathroom Renovation: What Are The Options?

I’ve recently started to work with a family who is looking to have their master bathroom renovated and quite possible the main bathroom.  I say quite possibly the main bath as the first step in the process is to have all the Poly B lines changed.  Depending on the price to do that, I will either be designing the master bath or the master bath AND the main bath.

Typically when I work with clients, I like to give them options.  When it comes to picking options, it really comes down to the function of the space. I always say, “Function first, then let’s turn that function into pretty.”  Thinking of a bathroom renovation?  See how I work with clients to get them the space of their dreams!

Bathroom Renovation

Pre Planning – Wish List

Part of the planning and discovery stage for a bathroom renovation is getting to know what is on the wish list.  In this case, items such as:

  • a nice bath tub (preferably a stand alone tub)
  • double sinks
  • more storage
  • update the shower

were all mentioned in our discovery meeting.

Before Pictures

I always find before pictures to be so powerful!  Here are a couple (and yes – that’s me in the mirror – LOL):

Bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovation

Once I take measurements, I then can start creating the space that already exists.  master bath template

This is the template of the bathroom.  

Bathroom Renovation

Planning – Option 1

When I met with Mrs. Client she mentioned that Mr. Client really enjoys taking a bath and a stand alone tub is very high on the list (if not #1 on the list).  Once I look at the options for the bath, then I move to the vanity area.  Mr. and Mrs. Client currently have two sinks.  In the Option 1 plan that I’m creating, I’m giving them a double sink vanity however, the counter space is not huge.  Both vanities are 24″ wide with a 21″ sink in each (their current vanity is 60″ long.  The reason I’m keeping the vanity to 24″ each is to give them a little bit bigger shower (that Mrs. Client would like).  Their current shower is 34″ X 34″ and the new shower is 43″ X 34″.  With having the smaller vanities, I’m hoping to give them some additional storage by having a built-in shelf to the left of the vanity.  Although it won’t be very deep, it will provide more storage in this bathroom. Here is the rendering for Option 1:

bathroom option 1

Bathroom Renovation

Planning Option 2

Option 2 will still have the stand alone bath, the built-in extra storage but will have
a single sink vanity with an even larger shower.  The payoff with going with a single sink vanity is that they will get more counter space.  Here is Option 2:

Option 2

Bathroom Renovation

The Design Phase

I always like to give my clients options.  With providing 2 options for this bathroom renovation, we now have something to compare.  We can look at the pros and cons of a single sink vs a double sink.  We can look at the pros and cons of a larger shower vs a smaller shower as well as the options that can go with keeping the shower the current size (34″ X 34″ – this option is not in a rendering).  My clients are not renovating to sell so having a double sink vanity is not the only route they can go with this space.  If they were renovating to sell, I’d be giving my two cents about why I believe they should go with two sinks!

If these were the only two options, which one would you go for?
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