This is coming from someone who gets giddy over seeing things labeled!  I know it may seem trivial, but I’ll give you an example

                             Box 1                                                                Box 2

Kitchen BoxKitchen Box Labeled

A box labeled, ‘kitchen’ is pretty obscure.  It could be cutlery, dishes, pots and pans, it could be…I could go on and on.  Although it sounds like something trival, it  can really save time with the unpacking process.  If I know I have a box with a toaster, blender, dish towels, and dish clothes as I unpack those, I can start placing them in the area they are going to go to.  If I see 3 boxes labeled pots and pans I know I need that much space for all those pots and pans.  What I’m actually doing is assessing the ‘settling in’ before a box is even opened.

It may seem simple and trivial, but a true time-saver when you start to unpack and settle in!




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