Moving is a great opportunity to go through your home and purge!  Although it may seem like a daunting task, think about it!  If you purge before a move you will:

Before You Move - Purge

Save money

  • Why pay for boxes to move things you no longer use, need, or want?
  • Why pay a moving company for either the extra poundage or the extra time to move things you don’t use, need, or want?

Save time

Although purging can be a daunting task, I typically say,

“Short term pain for long term gain.”  

The extra time and effort you take to purge before you move will ease the pain of unpacking at your new destination.  Only packing what you need will result in all of your boxes being unpacked right away (because you need everything).  Anyone have boxes under the stairs, in the attic, in the garage from the last time they moved?  Boxes that haven’t been opened up in 2 years? 3 years? 5 years?  Do I hear 10 years?  Yup – those are boxes full of things you really don’t need!

Save energy

It takes a lot of physical and mental energy to move and relocate.  The physical energy of moving boxes, moving furniture, etc. is hard enough.  The mental energy – figuring out where things should go, how they’re going to fit in your new home…is exhausting!  When you just have the items you need, use and want, decisions are easier to make!

Here’s to happy purging before the move!


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