“The Little Ripples that Cause the Big Waves”: Black lives matter

black lives matter

“The Little Ripples that Cause the Big Waves”: Black lives matter

While I normally talk about renovations, kitchens and bathrooms, I feel that the time is not right to do so. To be honest, I’m not sure what I feel as there are so many emotions going on in my little head. Black Lives Matter was the top news story this week.

I’m not sure if you all feel like I do, but this week has been hard. Hard to watch, hard to listen, and hard to comprehend.


Taking time to listen this week, I have come across many people discussing what this all means to them. Yesterday, my friend Veronica Solomon posted a video made by Arianne Bellizaire. So eloquently does Arianne speak about Black Lives Matter. She provides 3 actions we can take. I encourage you to have a listen.

The phrase,

…it’s the consistency of the ripples that affect change.

Arianne Bellizaire

is one that has stayed with me and hit home for me. Consistency is the key.


#BlackoutTuesday was not a day to be silent. It was a day to stop and listen. It was created for

…a pause in the long-standing racism and inequality that exists from the boardroom to the boulevard.

Brianna Agyemang and Jamila Thomas

It took me a long time on Tuesday to know what to post. Just as Arianne mentioned in her video, I was like many of her friends. I didn’t know what to say and honestly, I was scared I would get torn apart on Social Media (like a few of my designer friends did). I didn’t want to make a mistake and say the wrong thing.

black lives matter

Late in the day, I posted the above. While it doesn’t fully express what I was feeling, it was a start.


I’m not sure what this entire week has meant for you, but I know what it means for me.

black lives matter
Thank you to my sister-in-law for posting this.

May we move forward in a positive way. Each step we take, may we take together. Give us strength to accept differences and embrace our uniqueness. May we stop the insanity and treat people like we wish to be treated.

I hope that you find peace and love in our world that we all share. Many blessings to you all,

Sheri Bruneau


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