Our 3 Favorite Productivity Tools

Our 3 Favorite Productivity Tools


Working in the organizing industry, I’m always on the look-out for tools to help people become more organized in their daily life.  Whether it’s for their work life or their personal life, I love investigating the different tools that are out there. Below are my 3 personal favorites that I tend to use almost every day.

1. Cozi 

Cozi’s tag line is, “Family Life. Simplified” and that’s what they are intending to do.  Cozi is a program that you can access through the web or on your iPhone.  Basically, Cozi is a free on-line organizer and mobile app that allows busy families to stay organized.  Some key features we use are:

  • the calendar
  • shopping lists
  • to do lists

The to-do lists and the shopping lists are especially handy when running to the grocery store or to do errands.  Very, very handy!

2. Dropbox

What can I say about Dropbox?  Well, for starters, it’s free (for 2GB)!  What is Dropbox?  It’s a place to save all of your documents so that you can access them from anywhere.  You basically can store and share your files.  I have found this tool to be such a huge time saver.  No more saving to a memory stick or USB, no more having to worry if I’ve saved the correct document!  It’s absolutely amazing!  The huge plus for me is that it is mobile.  There are apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry.  Such a time saving, worry free program!  When I needed to send a team member a contract and I happened to be in Las Vegas, I didn’t have to give her access to my office.  I had access to all of my files via Dropbox and could send her the contract within 5 minutes.  Amazing!

3. Evernote

This program is great for cutting down on paper when you find something great when using your computer.  The program allows you to capture anything, access it from anywhere, and find things fast.  Some huge key features for us is that Evernote will sync between your computer(s) and hand held devices.  That means if I’m working on my desktop and later on in the afternoon when I have to work on my laptop, I don’t have to worry about what I’ve captured.  Everything I captured on my desktop will be synced to my laptop.  It’s brilliant!


As with everything, some of the items listed below may not work for you or your situation. I have just found that they have saved me with cutting down on paper as well as cutting down on time!

Looking to keep up with technology?  We follow a site called Digitwirl.   Carly’s provides:

  1.  A weekly how-to video that features technology to simplify your busy life.

Carly tests apps and programs and then creates little videos to demonstrate them.  Definitely worth checking out!


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