Cabinet Color Woes

Cabinet Color Woes

My family is about to embark on a major ‘refresh'(aka renovation) in our home.  Part of this involves tearing out our current kitchen and totally redoing the main floor including changing the foundation palette of our home.

Currently, we have maple trim, maple woodwork everywhere.  When we built our home 12 years ago I actually wanted white trim however our home builder made a major mistake so instead of starting the build all over again, we opted for some upgrades.  One of the upgrades we got was to have maple stain trim throughout our home.  All I will say is, bye-bye maple!

As I plan out our renovation and work with a budget, I have gone back and forth with the color of our kitchen cabinets.  I know white is timeless and I want our kitchen to be just that however, I’m going back and forth between an off-white cabinet colour and a cream/ivory colour.

My favorite color is yellow and I am drawn to the warmth that it brings.  I am also thinking ahead to the rest of our home and the look and feel that I am moving our family towards (I guess that’s a nice way of saying we’re all grown up now)!


I (oops – I mean ‘we’) have already made the decision on our flooring.  We are going with hand scraped engineered hardwood for the entire main floor.  The color we are going with is a medium brown color.  By choosing this color our floor will be like a pair of jeans meaning it will go with either cabinet colour that I like.

Hand scraped hardwood


One of the colors I am looking at for our kitchen cabinets is a match to Sherwin Williams Pure White.

Sherwin Williams Pure White


The other kitchen cabinets I am looking at is a match with  Benjamin Moore Seashell.

Benjamin Moore Seashell

When I showed the cabinet color to my hubby he quickly said, “Oh, that’s yellow.”  I quickly showed him Benjamin Moore Mascarpone which is way more yellow than BM Seashell. *Please note the colour on your computer screen may not reflect the true colour of the paint*

Benjamin Moore Mascarpone


Compare, compare, compare!  Here are the three whites that I’ve already talked about (including SW Pure White as this is a basic white to compare all other whites to).

comparing whitesAlthough this isn’t the best picture, I managed to take this shot of the Seashell cabinet color beside Pure White cabinets.

whites and cream kitchen cabinets


Image credit Get It Together

So as you may be able to see, there is a big difference between SW Pure White and BM Seashell.  Being drawn to a more ‘warmer’ colour, I gravitate towards  Seashell (which is the creamier cabinet).

Why Does This Matter?

This entire cabinet choice is a HUGE deal as whatever color the cabinets end up being, that will be my foundation palette for my entire home (cabinets and trim should be the same color if you are having white cabinets in your home).  Knowing this, I want to ensure that our home gets a fresh makeover as well as being able to move forward with the trends down the road.  It’s just not a matter of picking a color willy-nilly.  Oh no, no, no. There are many things to consider!

I know my home will either be an off-white or cream foundation palette…I just don’t know which one we’ll end up going with yet.

I’ll be putting together a mood board with both color choices that will include counters, backsplash, sink, faucet, etc.  When I’m done those I’ll post them and you can have your vote which one you like better!  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Sheri Bruneau  Get It Together

When it comes to renovations and work done in your home, you just can not afford to make a mistake!  Send me an email to discuss your home.

One of the biggest investments one can make is the investment of a home and I believe you should LOVE coming home.

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