Coastal interior design: Pulling this renovation together

Coastal interior design: Pulling this renovation together

For a couple of months now, I’ve been working with a great client in helping her pull together all of the items for her renovation project.  Her entire main floor, sunken family room, powder room, back entrance and laundry room were going to be getting a major overhaul and the look and feel she desired is the casual, beachy, coastal feel.  Due to her entire main floor getting a facelift, here are the steps we took to renovate her entire home to give her a coastal interior design feel in her home.

Step 1: Foundation Palette

When I met Ms. Client, she already had a contractor and had already worked through how her kitchen was going to go through a refresh.  Her cabinets were staying and she was going to have her doors refaced.  The kitchen was also getting some modifications done as well.  The first step was to choose the cabinet colour and white was her desire.  After looking at a number of off-white and true-white colours, we landed on the lovely Benjamin Moore Cloud White. coastal interior design

Step 2: Solidifying Floors

Since Ms. Client knew she was going to be having the majority of her floors hardwood, and I was using the coastal interior design theme, we looked at many options and landed with a beautiful, medium brown, hand scraped floor.  I personally love medium brown floors as they really are like a pair of jeans and can go with just about anything and I consider them to be timeless.

coastal interior design

I just love the texture in this flooring!

Step 3: Solidifying Counters

The age-old debate of granite vs quartz.  I’m a huge fan of quartz and I have it installed in my own home and have specified it many times over.  That being said, there are some pretty sexy granite choices available as well.  When I took Ms. Client to the granite yards (as I love to show my clients all options that work with their budget and design), we came across this extremely sexy granite that has some grey (and we all know that grey will not be around forever) but would also work with everything that I have been pulling together.  This granite also has the colouring in it that will work well with many wall colour choices throughout the years (moving through the trends as they come and go).  While some of you may think that quartz would have been a better choice to go with the coastal interior design plan, this granite actually works extremely well with everything I have specified.

coastal interior design

Trust me, it looks more sexy in person!

Step 4: Solidifying Colour Scheme

With the coastal interior design theme in play, working with the fixed elements that were chosen (above), Ms. Client and I worked with my large colour samples in her home, to pick the best choices (based on the direction the rooms were facing as well as keeping in mind her desired look).  Here is the colour scheme I chose:

coastal interior design


Step 5: Smaller Final Decisions

Once all of the fixed elements were chosen along with the interior colour scheme, it was time to make all of the smaller, final decisions for this coastal interior design.

Coastal Interior Design: Fixtures

All lighting and cabinet fixtures are going to be brushed nickel.  Ms. Client and I both agreed that chrome was going to be too trendy for this home.  My favourite lighting fixture going into this home is the powder room vanity light!  Think it fits with the coastal interior design plan?

coastal interior design

Kitchen Backsplash Tile

This is going to be solidified once the granite is installed.  By waiting for the granite to be installed, we are going to be 100% sure of the best colour choice for the backsplash.  Although the granite is going to be the star in this kitchen, it is important to get the backsplash right!

This home is very close to being complete and I’m looking forward to being able to show you the before pictures and the amazing after shots!  Stay tuned!

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