Colour trends for 2021: See what Behr Paint has put together

colour trend 2021

Colour trends for 2021: See what Behr Paint has put together

Behr recently came out with their colour trends for 2021. It seems kind of crazy that we’re already talking about the year 2021, but can I just say that I’ll be happy when 2020 is over!

Colour trends for 2021

Every year, paint manufactures come out with their own trends. We also wait patiently to see what the colour of the year will be for the brands as well.

This year, Behr released their trends this past week and I have to say, I am really loving the emotions that the colours bring.


When I see Almond Wisp, it evokes a very calm sense for me.

Colour trends for 2021
Almond Wisp PPU5-12

Subtle Focus

Pastels are still hot in the colour world. When I posted this image on Instagram this past week, it was well received. For me, the splash of gold/yellow (and yellow happens to be my favourite colour) is just the right amount of subtle and creates a very happy space.

Colour trends for 2021
 furniture accent: CELLINI GOLD HDC-CL-18

Quiet Haven

Green has been popular for some time, but is becoming a more and more used colour. This colour can be found in nature and I’ve always been a fan. These deep colours evoke a little bit more of a masculine feel, but at the same time, a peace and calm feeling.

Colour trends for 2021
 fireplace and trim: SMOKY WHITE BWC-13
 window frame: BARNWOOD GRAY PPU24-07

What’s with trends?

I know I have said this before, and I’m sure you all know, but trends do come and go. Look at our Tuscan Trend in the early 2000’s. No one is painting their cabinets brown and no one is installing travertine tile and none of my clients are asking for burgundy walls.

When I look at colour trends for 2021, I look to them for inspiration and for certain projects. Investment homes that need to sell quickly will be designed around today’s trends. However, if you’re looking to stay in your home for some time, then don’t worry about trends. Choose the style you love and will enjoy for the many years you will live in your home.

Shop the Look

When it comes to colour trends in our home, not every one wants to invest in new wall colour(s). An easy way to add the new colours in your home is through accessories.

Colour trends can also be found in fashion. I’ve hand selected a few that really drew my attention and that I could find use for in some of my upcoming projects or in my own closet!


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