Communication the Key

Communication the Key

If you follow my blog, you will know that we’re in the midst of a very large reno helping our client fall in love with her townhouse.  Last week, although there was a ton of work done, it was a lot of work that most will never see.


When dealing with any type of large reno in a building like the one we’re working in (40 years old), there is also the chance that when walls are opened up, there will be surprises.  This project is no different.  For example, in the basement the electrical wiring for the outlets was not complete to code.  Instead of going through the studs, the wiring was placed behind the studs and the cement wall (and pretty much just left hanging).  There were also a couple of live wires buried in the drywall (a major no-no) as well.  What is giving our client peace of mind is that the electrician has everything up to code.  Although fixing these ‘surprises’ add up, there is no price one can put on safety.  There will never be a worry that something ‘might’ happen!  From an esthetic point, no one will ever see the work that has been done behind the walls.

Keeping Communication Open

I was recently having a conversation with another designer and we were talking about keeping the lines of communication open with clients.  We were both saying how even though a reno may not look like there is work being done, there actually is.  I am a HUGE believer of communication.  We meet our client weekly  on-site (and sometimes more than once) to walk through to discuss what has been worked on or completed.  We discuss the budget and how we’re doing with it.  Our General Contractor (Ryan), our client, and myself will often email as well with what has been worked on. When we shop for items we bring them over to the project and meet the workers.  By doing so, our client has been always kept in the loop.  Even when there doesn’t appear to be work done, there is plenty of work that is getting done behind the scenes (and behind the walls)!  Our client has met almost everyone who is working on her home.  I believe that is also part of communication.  When you put a name to a face, when the workers see the owner, they get to  know who will be living in the home.  In return, when the client meets the workers, they get an appreciation of the hard work they are doing.  Ryan especially likes it when our client pops over chocolate chip cookies!

So here’s to ongoing communication!  Enjoy some of the updated photos and progress.

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