Custom Refrigerator Doors | What We’ve Got Planned

custom refrigerator doors

Custom Refrigerator Doors | What We’ve Got Planned

For an upcoming project, we’re going to create some design magic by designing some custom refrigerator doors for our clients. What exactly does that mean?

Refrigerator Door Options

When it comes to appliances in the kitchen, there are more and more options and choices for finishing.


One of the most common metal finish is Stainless Steel. We have used many stainless steel appliances in many of our kitchen renovation projects.

For this project, we kept the stainless steel look for the refrigerator | Sheri Bruneau, Designer

Custom Refrigerator Doors
For this project, we chose to go with black stainless steel refrigerator doors to go with our black and white theme. | Sheri Bruneau, Designer

Custom Looks/Colour

Adding in personality and colour is one way to really spice up your kitchen. Smeg is one company that often has many photos taken from their booth at KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show). Not only do they offer some colourful options, they also offer some serious designer looks.

“SMEG and Dolce&Gabbana have united their unique sensibilities and Italian pride. Embodying the “Made in Italy” aesthetic through the two companies’ shared standards of creativity, art, and design.”

Smeg’s Retro Colourful line of refrigerators

Panel Ready

This means the appliance is ready for a panel to be installed. Most often, the panel is made to look like cabinetry and not like an appliance.

You can see the refrigerator looks like cabinetry | Design by Morris Cooper Design Inc | Cabinetry by Casa Flores Custom Cabinetry

To this date, we have not designed a panel ready refrigerator. Until now! We are so excited to be working with Black Forest Wood Company for an upcoming project.

Our clients love the look of the wood species Olive. It is a lighter wood and can have a lot of character to it.

Imagine this beautiful olive wood, along with some resin (colour TBD), that will create custom refrigerator doors! While we often see wood and resin together in tables, for this project we are taking things vertically. I can’t wait to share the process for this and show you what we have in store!

Kitchen rendering | Custom Wood Panel is not showing the wood in Olive | Designer, Sheri Bruneau

Wood Products | Shop the Look

Wood is always such a beautiful way to bring in nature into your space. I’ve hand selected a few of my favourites.

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