Design for Wellbeing | Kohler may have exactly what you’re looking for

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Design for Wellbeing | Kohler may have exactly what you’re looking for

Prior to the virtual Kitchen and Bath Show this year, I attended another virtual event featuring the design topic of ‘Design for Wellness‘. Kohler hosted this live, virtual event with many topics covered in the kitchen and bath industry.

Having our lives turn upside down with Covid, the desire to have wellness in our own homes has skyrocketed! Knowing that my current client roster is requesting this, I was excited to see what Kohler had to offer.

Design for wellbeing in your home

Before we get to what Kohler has to offer, what exactly does ‘Design for Wellbeing’ actually mean. I think Kohler really hits the meaning when they say,

…the home is now the place they meet their physical, mental, and spiritual needs. 


With many of us in our homes for hours upon hours, people are looking at creating areas in the home where they can carry out many functions that they may not have prior to Covid (exercise, cooking, relaxing, etc.).

Last year, during the Kitchen and Bath Show, I attended some great seminars. I wrote two blogs about wellness that you can read here and here. In these two blogs, I touched on the 5 areas of wellness:

  • Ventilation
  • Fitness and Health
  • Functionality
  • Accessibility
  • Comfort and Joy

Kohler Wellness

There are a variety of ways that Kohler can help enhance wellness in your home. Some are easy for anyone to add to their home right now, while others may involve a renovation of some sort.

Comfort and Joy

Design for Wellbeing: Music Therapy

I am a huge music lover. If I had the choice to watch TV or listen to music, music wins hands-down every time.

Kohler has reinvented their Moxi Shower Head. Not only is this shower head great for water delivery, it also delivers amazing music.

The Moxie® Showerhead + Wireless Speaker can be a really easy way to start creating a ‘smart’ bathroom. Some features of this product are:

  • Magnetic docking to ensure it is secure while in use, yet easy to remove for charging.
  • Voice activation (with built-in Amazon Alexa technology)
  • Superior sound quality. Harman/Kardon® speaker design specific for the shower environment.
  • IPX7-rated waterproof speaker (grab this to take to the pool or the patio)!
  • Rechargeable wireless speaker provides up to 6 hours of runtime.
  • 2 water options: 1.75 gpm or 2.5 gpm

What is it going to cost me?

What I really love about this product is that it is so easy to add to your space. Simply remove your old shower head and replace! Easy-peasy! It also comes at a great price point starting from $180 USD depending on the gpm and finish.


Voice and Motion Activation

I’m not sure if we have all become germaphobes or not, but motion and voice activation is becoming a popular request. Kitchens are a great place to add this feature to your home. Whether you are looking to simplify your space with hands-free or voice activation, or are looking for your space to become a more hygienic space, Kohler has many great options.

With a lot of options and choices with touchless faucets, what sets Kohler at the top of my list?

design for wellbeing
Kohler Riff™ and Crue® Touchless Faucets | #KohlerAtHome

There are 4 main areas that truly raise the bar with motion and voice activation.

  1. Response technology The sensors that Kohler uses are fast and reliable! No more waving around hoping a faucet will turn on. It’s as simple as one wave of a hand, or utensil to turn it on and off.
  2. Elevated design. Kohler truly has some gorgeous choices to fit any style of home. With the release of Riff™ and Crue®, Kohler just added two more great lines to their faucet family.
  3. Product robust technology allows you peace of mind knowing that the technology will hold up over the life of the faucet.
  4. Kohler® Konnect is the connected platform that allows you to talk to your faucet to turn it on and off. There are also many customizations that can be created using the Kohler app.

Why would I need this in my home?

Let me ask you this: how many times do you touch your kitchen faucet with dirty hands? With hygiene being more important that ever, Kohler has exactly what you may be looking for.

What will a faucet like this set me back?

Just like the Kohler Moxi®, switching out a faucet in your home does not require a major renovation. And while motion and voice activated faucet do run higher in price points, this will definitely not break the bank.

design for wellbeing
Kohler Riff™ Touchless Kitchen Faucet

For the Kohler Riff™, you will be looking at an average price point of $650 USD and $825 USD for the addition of Kohler® Konnect (in Chrome). If you’re looking to purchase this faucet, you will want to talk to your favourite designer!

For the Kohler Crue®, this is a much sleeker design that come in four finishes. This faucet has an average price point of $640 USD to $730 USD and will depend on the finish and whether or not you wish to also have Kohler® Konnect.

Design for Wellbeing

If you are looking to start adding elements in your home to enhance your wellbeing, Kohler is a company that I strongly suggest you check out.

Rounding up some more wellness choices from Kohler

While the Riff™ and Crue® are brand new to Kohler, I’ve rounded up some other great faucets that offer voice and motion activation as well.

The items below contain affiliate links. Any purchases, at no additional charge to you, are most appreciated and make this blog possible.


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