Design Hounds Influencer Awards: Honoured to nominated in the Top 100

Design Hounds Influencer Awards

Design Hounds Influencer Awards: Honoured to nominated in the Top 100

It’s that time of year. The Design Hounds Influencer Awards contest is up and running! The entire process started in November of 2019. I am now part of a wonderful group, for the second year in a row, who is in the running for the top #designhound. A special thank you for those of you who nominated me (I wish I knew who you all were)!

My good friend, Leslie Carothers of Savour Partnership, wrote a great blog titled, WHAT ARE THE #DESIGNHOUNDS INFLUENCER AWARDS?

Veronika Eagleson is the number one influencer, in my book. She is a champion for the interior design industry connecting and educating brands and interior designers.

In 2018, I had the privilege of being chosen to attend the Kitchen and Bath Show on the #designhounds blog tour. Not only did a lot of designers connect (like sisters), we had the most wonderful time learning about brands and products.

In 2018, most of our group went to KBIS 2019 in Las Vegas and formed our own little group to tour. As a result, we didn’t have such a rigid schedule as the previous year (and you all know how I love a schedule). We had time to see products, see vendors, and attend learning sessions that we may have missed the previous year.

Design Hounds Influencer Awards
Two of my favourite peeps getting ready to learn! Christine Kohut and Maria Kovach

I’m getting ready to head back to Las Vegas for KBIS 2020 and I can’t wait to meet up again with such wonderful friends!

Design Hounds Influencer Awards

What does the top winner win? You will never believe it. A trip, sponsored by Modenus, for a 3-night trip to EuroCucina 2020 in Milan, is up for grabs!

EuroCucina has become the largest kitchen trade fair in Europe. It’s a biennial exhibition designed to showcase high-end kitchens, talk best practices and set design trends for the following years. It’s a meeting place for designers, renowned manufacturers, and other professionals in the industry to discuss everything about the kitchen.

As in previous years, EuroCucina 2020 trade fair will be complemented by FTK – Technology For the Kitchen expo, which will present some of the latest innovations in built-in kitchen appliances.

EuroCucina 2020

What an amazing experience this would be!

I recently attended a lunch and learn here in Calgary to educate myself on appliances and guess what? The majority of the appliances were from Italy!

How to Vote

It really is simple.

Design Hounds Influencer Awards

Click on the link below, enter your email address, and voila – you’re all done.


Voting ends on January 18, 2020 and you can vote every day (and please do). I really appreciate any votes coming my way.

Sheri Bruneau


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