What Goes Into a Design Plan?

What Goes Into a Design Plan?

I’m currently pulling together a design plan for a master bathroom renovation project. When working closely with my clients, I work in phases to ensure they are getting everything they desire in their space.  How do I do that?  I have a 2 part process to ensure nothing is missed.

Design Plan: Part One

This is the first stage in creating the ultimate dream space for my clients.  When I meet with my clients, the first thing we talk about are their wants and needs for the space.  Items that are typically discussed are:

  • storage
  • layout
  • updating

This ‘Discovery Stage’ is super important.  It gives me a sense of what is working in the space and what isn’t.  From here, I start coming up with initial design concepts.  I like to always give my clients two options, go over the pros and cons of each, and let my clients decide on what is going to meet their needs.  After all, the space is one they are going to live in – not me!

design plan

This is the current bathroom situation. 

After taking notes of all of the wishes on my clients list, I create two options for my clients.  The option that my clients chose was the one with a single sink vanity to allow for a much larger shower.

design plan

design plan

At this stage, the rendering is used to give my clients a sense of what their space is going to look like.  Please note, it is at this stage where this is not considered the final rendering.

Design Plan: Part Two

When the design plan is approved, then we look at taking that functional design and making choices to make it ‘pretty’.  The program I use to create my renderings has the default set to white cabinets (as you’ll see in the rendering above).  That doesn’t mean that this space is going to have white cabinets.  I look at all the design elements in the space once again and come up with options to make this space pretty.  I use Pinterest a lot with my clients.  I start pinning inspirational photos (as do my clients) so I get a sense of what they are drawn to.  Here are two examples of two different looks that were pinned for this space:

design plan

Image source

White cabinets, earthy floor – very clean and crisp.


design plan

Image source

Dark cabinet, light floor, earthy and light.

My clients love the look of something ‘earthy’ in their space so the two choices were to go with an off-white cabinet and hardwood looking tile on the floor OR go with a wood stain cabinet and lighter floors (tile).

Once the cabinet colour is decided, then all the rest of the elements can be chosen for the space.  Which choice would you go for in your own space?

In addition to all of the above, I will spend a significant amount of time working with the cabinet company to ensure the cabinet design (for the vanity as well as the tall additional storage unit) is designed for great storage and use.  Stay tuned to find out how this space is coming along!

Would you like to work together to get the space of your dreams?  Contact me to discuss your future renovation project. 

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