Exactly how many decisions need to be made in a powder room?

Exactly how many decisions need to be made in a powder room?

This past week, I’ve been designing a powder room for an upcoming refresh project for my clients. Powder rooms are typically a half-bath meaning they have vanity and a toilet. So really, there’s nothing special about them and they’re typically not a huge space. I was once told by a good friend and colleague of mine, Debbie Blake, that there are roughly over 100 decisions to be made in a powder room. For a refresh project, here are the decisions I look at making for/with my client.

Designing a powder room

For a room with a vanity and a toilet, you may be surprised at how many decisions there are to be made.

Toilet Decisions

designing a powder room
Toilet Decisions | Powder Room

These are just ‘standard’ decisions that need to be made prior to sourcing a toilet! I haven’t even started to ask about ‘other’ options like the toilet seat (soft closing, heated, etc.) or other options like a bidet!

If you’re keeping track of the number count, we’re sitting at 6 so far.

Vanity Decisions

When designing a powder room, this tends to be a space where you can certainly add some personality and creativeness. There are a lot of decisions that need to be made when selecting a vanity.

designing a powder room
Vanity Decisions | Powder Room

While the above image does not include every decision, the above showcase the ‘standard’ decisions that need to be made. I count 7 decisions above.

Please also note, the above does not include counter decisions to be made.

Counter Decisions

I typically am thinking of the counter in conjunction with the vanity decision. Will the counter be:

  • Stone (granite? quartz? other?)
  • Wood?
  • Other?

And when the countertop is chosen, I’ll need to decide on the counter profile. Will it have an:

  • Eased edge?
  • Flat edge?
  • A cove edge?
  • An ogee edge?
  • Other?

If you are counting, this entire section adds up to 9 decisions to be made when it comes to a vanity.

Lighting Decisions

Part of the fun with designing a powder room is picking lighting. It probably is the most fun part (for me) when pulling a space together. And with lighting, there are also decisions to be made.

designing a powder room
Lighting Decisions | Powder Room

This adds another 3 decisions!

Plumbing Decisions

Ahhh…my next favourite area to source. Typically I specify the sink first and then the faucet.

designing a powder room
Faucet and Sink Decisions | Powder Room

Here are another 3 more decisions to make!

Other Decisions

There, of course, are other decisions as well.

  • What kind/type of flooring will be used?
  • Is there a specific style of mirror that will work with the powder room design?
  • Will there be a specific spot for a hand towel?
  • Don’t forget about the walls. Paint? Wallpaper? A Combination?

Designing a powder room

Just listed above, there are

25 decisions

for one small room. Isn’t that crazy?

Typically in a powder room, there is either a ‘theme’ or an inspirational piece that drives the design. Here are a couple mood boards for powder rooms to show how a small space can quickly come together.

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powder room mood board

1 Vanity Light 2. Wastebasket 3. Mirror 4. Vanity 5. Faucet

powder room mood board

1 Mirror 2. Wall Sconce 3. Faucet 4. Vanity 5. Lotion

powder room mood board

1 Mirror 2. Pendant Light 3. Faucet 4. Floating Vanity 5. Candles **I would install a pure white 2 cm quartz counter with this

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