Don’t be a knob: This will help you decide

Don’t be a knob: This will help you decide

When looking for new knobs and handles for a client’s’ kitchen cabinets, I found myself saying to to my husband, “Don’t be a knob.”  He had tagged along and I was looking at each and every handle.  He kept saying, “How about this one?  What about this one?”  All of his questions were code for, “I’m bored. Can we go now?” I’m sure he was picking the ugliest and cheapest ones he could find just to get out of the store!  He certainly got my wacky sense of humour and quickly found that the more he ‘suggested’, the longer it took me.

When sourcing out items for clients, I know everyone works hard for their money and I always want to ensure they are getting the best value for the dollars.  For those of you who follow me, you also know I tend to be a bit frugal.  What typically happens is that I always seem to pick the most expensive things and it frustrates the heck out of me!  So what do I do?  I go on a hunt!

 Knobs 4 Less

I came across this online store some time ago and I have to say, I’m extremely impressed.  They have a ton of items on their site – and for great prices too!

 Door Knobs

Rubbed Bronze Ring Knob

When looking at local stores that carry this exact knob, the Regular Price was around $4.97.

This knob

Liberty Kitchen Cabinetis a great savings! You would be saving $1.44 for each knob.  You may not think that’s a huge savings however, if we are going to need 30 (for example), that’s a $43.20 savings.  Every bit counts!

Looking for something a bit fancier?

Crystal Knob

That’s a savings of $3.04 each knob!

Knobs4Less also has more than just knobs! They have locks, lights, bath accessories, switchplates and home accents. There are WAY too many to put in this blog, but here’s one example of a truly great savings!

Schlage Keypad Electronic Deadbolt That’s a $117.45 savings!  Who wouldn’t like that?

Decorating with Knobs

Knobs can be used creatively as well!  I came across this Pinterest page “You’re Such A Door Knob’.  There’s a lot of great ideas to use knobs to decorate.  Love this idea!

Dresser full of knobs

Image credit

A couple more of my favorites:

knobs as jewelery hangers

Image credit


Bathroom - Knobs as towel holders

 Image credit

Of course, with anything you purchase over the internet,  you will need to ensure they will ship to your address/location and certainly look into the return policy.

I just know that if I can get a deal for a product that I’m looking for,  I’m going for the deal. Happy hunting!

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