Ensuring that there is less of a chance of damage on your move

Ensuring that there is less of a chance of damage on your move

When you are looking down the barrel of a move, you will no doubt understand that there are many things that can go wrong, and the unlimited amount of stress that you could face can be pretty daunting. The main issue that people worry about tends to be that of wasting money, and damaging things that they love. Both are linked to cash, but the latter does have a more emotional aspect to it as well. You will find that the only way to battle these things are to have a full awareness of the way in which things are being treated on your move, and to pack in a way that protects against any damages that could be inflicted on them. Have a look over the following points on ensuring that your move does not inflict too much damage on your belongings, from packing to working with your moving and storage services, to ensure that things are treated well.

Ensuring that there is less of a chance of damage on your move


For a start, you need to think about your packing process. This will basically be a case of ensuring that no matter how much a box is shaken about, the items inside are safe. For the most part, things that you own will be fairly unaffected by a bit of a knock, but certain delicate items, like glassware and china will need to be packed carefully. Many people will over pack these items, wrapping each item in bubble wrap, and this can waste space in your boxes. The more boxes you have, the longer the move will take, so you need to be considerate of the efficiency with which you use box space on your relocation. You will find that for most items you can use packing paper, which is basically brown parcel paper, as it is thick enough to withstand a few knocks. However, for really delicate things like fragile or antique glassware, you will need to wrap each item in bubble wrap.

Protect Your Furniture

Have a think about ensuring that your furniture is protected as well. As a part of furniture moving, you will find that your larger items will be locked in close to each other in the van, and this will mean that there is a risk of scratching and damage. A good moving service will be able to provide blankets and strapping that will prevent anything from causing this, but it is still a good idea to be well aware of it as you watch the movers loading the van. You will find that there are plenty of things that you can do to prepare more delicate items, like antique furniture, or those with an easily damaged finish. Taping card sheets to the edges of these items, and protecting delicate details with folded card, or polystyrene blocks. Simply alerting the movers to these pieces will usually be enough to ensure their protection, but as ever, it is worth watching as they carry them.


Labeling boxes will do a similar job. You will likely be aware of the stereotype ‘fragile’ stickers that you see on moving boxes, but the fact is that these will be largely ignored, in comparison with a box that has its contents clearly marked out. If you saw a box with ‘delicate china’ written on it, you would be much more likely to treat it with the right deal of respect, than a box with ‘fragile’ on it. Labeling the boxes will also help you in unpacking, so it is well worth it in that sense.

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