Exterior Colours: You need to know why they HAVE to relate!

Exterior Colours: You need to know why they HAVE to relate!

This past week I’ve been a bit out of commission and not feeling like myself.  You see, I have a bit of a pinched nerve in my upper back that has me with a tingling right arm and hand (my dominant hand at that).  So, it’s left me a bit cranky as this was certainly not ‘scheduled’ into my already busy month. If you know me, I’m just a touch independent and really don’t ask for help so that has not helped matters either.  So in knowing that I’m a bit cranky, I feel this post is timely as this past week I have seen 2 hideous exterior colours on homes (and they are in my own neighbourhood)!

Exterior Colour Choices

I’ve been recently working with a great client who is building a home in Radium, BC.  My client contacted me as his builder was ready for choices to be made and he felt like things were being chosen independently and not with the ‘whole picture’ in mind.

Let me first of all say, “How refreshing!”  Do you know how many times I am called AFTER choices have been made only to state that they are poor choices when put together as a whole?  Choosing items for your home (whether inside or outside) independently of each other is a colossal mistake! In my case with my Radium client, the siding, decking and roof was already solidified.  For exterior colours, I helped my client with:

  • Soffit Colour
  • Downspout Colour
  • Trim Colour
  • Accent Colour

Here is the palette that I pulled together

The trim colour relates to the light colour in the siding that was already chosen.  The soffit colour relates to the already chosen roof and the siding.  You see?  They go together and work well together (what I like to say is, “They play well together.”)

Here are 2 rendering with some colour options of what his home could look like:

exterior colours
exterior colours

Click here to see the interior colour palette for this home. 

I have specified the downspouts to be the cream colour so that they blend in with the corner trim.  IF the downspout remain the dark Iron Ore colour, then they would stick out like a sore thumb instead of blending in to the home.  Remember, downspouts are not an architectural feature that you need to bring to the eye.

exterior colour

Image source

In my personal opinion, the downspouts should have been the colour of the body of the house – so not to draw attention to them.

exterior colours

Image source

This is a case where black downspouts really work.  They relate to the shutters and they virtually are ‘hidden’ by the corner trim.

Exterior Colours – WTF?

So here is where my crankiness comes out.  And remember, I’m suffering a bit and out of sorts so while this hurts like hell to type, I’m not going to beat around the bush.  Here is the exterior colours of a home in my own community:

exterior colours

Here is why, when I walk by this home on my daily walk, I really shake my head:

  1. What does the new red trim colour relate to?  NOTHING!  There is no red in the stone, there is no red on the roof, there is no red in the siding. To me, this colour was chosen independently (and perhaps the home owners really love that colour) without any consideration to the siding and the stone.
  2. While red, cream and grey can work so well together, in this case it does not.  Why?  Look at the siding.  It is cream – which means it is in the ‘warm’ category. The red that was chosen falls in the ‘cool’ category as it is so clean.  If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I use the words ‘dirty’ and ‘clean’ and you will know not to mix the two.  This image is a clear example of mixing clean and dirty.
  3. What must the neighbours think?  While some of you may be thinking, “Well who cares what the neighbours think?”  I’m here to tell you, you should. When you build a home, there are typically architectural controls set in place so shit like this doesn’t happen.  It is evident that those controls are no longer in place. I would be so pissed off as a neighbour if I had to look at that every day.  I mean, we’re talking wearing your sunglasses just to pass this house.  And just so you know, I walked the path behind the house and it too has every trim painted this horrible red.

Please don’t take me for some kind of snob, as I really don’t believe I am one.  What I am however, is passionate about people making great choices that are going to reflect the most expensive investment they make.  Can you imagine if this home was put on the market?  The curb appeal is just horrendous. My ask of you this week, whether it be choosing new exterior colours or interior colours, is to think of the big picture instead of looking at colour independently.

Now, I’m off to take some more muscle relaxers….ahhh…..

Needing help picking out the best exterior or interior colours that work with your home?  Contact me to discuss your upcoming project.  


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