Exterior Renovation: A James Hardie Winning Combination

exterior renovation

Exterior Renovation: A James Hardie Winning Combination

I’m not sure how many of you know this, but I work with SIS Exterior Renovations to help their clients with exterior renovation selections. Last week I received a call from Alanna Foster, one of their consultants I work with. She had the BEST.NEWS.EVER.

Exterior Renovation

Before I get to the best news ever, you may be wondering how I help SIS’s clients with exterior renovation selections. While every home is unique in their situation, we typically look at some, or all of the following:

  • Roof colour
  • Exterior colour (main body)
  • Trim colour
  • Eaves, soffit, and facia
  • Window colour
  • Stone selections
  • Exterior lighting and house number options

Loving a before and after

When I carry out these exterior design work sessions, the work typically doesn’t start right away. The client is usually booked in to have the work done within a couple of months. As such, I often forget when the work gets done and when the project is complete.

Before I share the great news, I wanted to show you a couple of photos of the before home.

The view from the front. The front door is located on the far left. While the garage is detached, there is a ‘back door’ located just to the left of the home. The middle section between the home and the garage is a courtyard.

This is the middle courtyard that separates the detached garage and the home.

The back of the home showing the dated siding (especially the colour).

Exterior Design Work Session

Alanna always sends information, prior to our meeting, with what the clients are including for their exterior renovation. On the list for this home was:

  • siding
  • soffit
  • fascia
  • eaves
  • windows and
  • doors


We met in mid-April to review the landscaping plans that were developed for them. Here was the landscaping plan.

Landscaping Plan by IBI Group

As you can see on the plan, between the front garage and the home, there were plans to create a great courtyard. It was going to be important to incorporate the landscaping plan with the upcoming exterior renovation.


SIS Exteriors provides their clients with conceptual designs so that clients can get a sense of what their selections will look like. Below is one that was created. When I had the chance to see it, I wasn’t in love with it.

One conceptual design by SIS Exteriors

Together with the clients, we looked at other colours, changed from lap siding to board and baton, looked at adding some shake, and looked at a variety of options for sofits and fascia. When clients are visual, you do as many renderings you need to that will ensure they are confident to proceed.

The After

This is the fun part. Here is the beautiful transformation!

Exterior Renovation
After: front of the home

Exterior Renovation
After: garage

Exterior Renovation
After: courtyard

Exterior Renovation
After: courtyard sitting area

Exterior Selections

Here were the selections we made:

  • Siding & trim: James Hardie Aged Pewter
  • Vertical and shake – James Hardie Aged Pewter
  • Fascia, trough – black
  • Soffit – KWP rustic cedar
  • Windows and Doors – black
  • Stone: Black Bear

What is the BEST news ever?

First of all, thank you for being patient. It’s good to know the whole back story for this.

Alanna called me last week to say that this massive exterior renovation transformation was entered into the James Hardie #MyHardieHome contest. And guess what?


As per the rules,

“The judges will review each of the posted Submissions and rank the Submissions based upon the following criteria:

(a) Marketable aesthetic of the home (50%);

(b) Picture quality (25%); and

(c) Creative/Original use of James Hardie® products (25%).

The top-ranked Submission, as determined by the judges in their sole discretion, will be the one Winner of the Contest.

James Hardie Rules for #MyHardieHome Contest

Did I also mention there were between 250 and 300 entries from all over North America?

I just can’t tell you how excited I am for SIS Exteriors (and for myself). It is quite an honour to be associated with such a fabulous company and to have them trust me with their exterior renovation clients.

Shop the Look

Most people may never do an exterior renovation like this in their lifetime. It is a total investment in the home HOWEVER, there are a few ways to spruce up your exterior without going through a major exterior renovation. These are a few of my favourite exterior finds.

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