Feelings in a day

Feelings in a day

WOW – last night I went to sleep last night and all was good.  This morning, I woke up to hear about the devastation in Japan, and start the nail-biting while we wait to hear what happened in Hawaii and the rest of the Pacific Coast – including B.C.!

Later on in the morning I had an appointment.  OK, I’ll be honest, it was to get my nails done. Yes, I get my nails done (but just in the winter months).  Hey, a girl has to do something to get through our cold winter months!  Helena (Gelous Spa) and I were talking about what was going on in Japan and soon to be a large portion of our world.  It just made my stomach sick thinking about the devastation as well as the many people who have been affected by this Tsunami.

As we talked and moved away from talking about the Tsunami, we moved into our conversation of Helena taking some courses and expanded her services.  As always, we had such a great talk.   As I drove home I thought, “How can I go from feeling sick to my stomach over the Tsunmai to feeling re-energized and excited?”  As I pondered this question I realized 3 things:

1. I found myself today with a very positive person.  Helena has a kind heart and I truly believe that shines.  It’s amazing what a positive person can bring to your life.  I find that being positive allows me to be happier!  I just read an article from Mome0 Magazine titled, “Mean People Suck Your Energy – How To Protect Yourself.  It’s a good read and adds some ‘food for thought’.

2. We talked about the ‘bad’, but we did not dwell on it. When something bad happens, we can choose to let it ruin our day or we can choose to deal with it, but move on.  A lesson that I need to take more often.

3.How much can the world change in such a short amount of time!  To me, that’s just another sign to live life to its fullest.

As I continue to watch the news coverage my feelings change again.  Sometimes there is sadness and sometimes there is sickness.  What I do know is that those feelings will not stay forever and that I am in charge of me.  I can donate to the Red Cross and get involved!  My goal is to go to bed today knowing that I’ve helped out in some way!

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