Fireplace Planning: Let’s plan out a 72″ linear fireplace

fireplace planning

Fireplace Planning: Let’s plan out a 72″ linear fireplace

A couple of weeks ago, I discussed how our 60″ linear fireplace planning was coming along. This week, we’re going to take a peek at the same project, but a different space where a 72″ linear fireplace will be installed.

Basement Area

When my clients purchased this home, this is what the downstairs area looked like.

fireplace planning
As Is | The Basement area prior to our work starting | Real Estate listing photo

I have already discussed how we are modernizing this home in previous blogs. You can see our dining room planning here, and the main floor 60″ linear fireplace here.

For this space, we are also going to modernize the area. And while the upstairs fireplace has windows that we’ll be working around, this area does not have windows (thankfully).

Before I go over our plans, I’d like to point out a couple of things we are working around:

  1. We are keeping the carpet in this area.
  2. There is a bulkhead on the right-hand side.
  3. The wall jogs out on the right hand side as well.
  4. There is currently no fireplace in this area (unlike the space on the main floor).

Conceptual Designs for fireplace planning

For this area, I designed the following.

Conceptual design for main floor 72″ linear fireplace | Sheri Bruneau, Designer

For this space, we have a couple of elements we are including such as:

  • built-in speakers located at the bottom
  • a great sized TV
  • and all the wiring necessary for this theatre area
  • a shadow drop of 1 1/2″ at the top of the fireplace wall to allow for sufficient venting.

Some of the pretty

For this area, we are going to also use a large format stone.

fireplace planning
Large format glazed  porcelain slab we will use for this 72″ linear fireplace | Sheri Bruneau, Designer

The built in units are going to be this beautiful gray.

Custom Built In cabinet colour |
Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray HC-170

After Demo|Framing

Once demo was completed, we were able to get our ‘real’ measurements. For this space, we chose to build a false wall to house the new gas lines as well as the new electrical. Since we had a lot of room (remember we are keeping the carpet so we have to come out to where the original built-ins were), we had ample room to allow for these accommodations.

Basement fireplace framing | We have 1 -1\2″ drop shadow at the top along with a false wall at the back to accommodate all of the gas and electrical | Sheri Bruneau, Designer

The Math Involved with fireplace planning

It is so important to plan out what you exactly are wanting. Just as we did with the main floor fireplace, this area is no different. We need to ensure:

  • Our cabinet company has the correct size of toe kick to accommodate the speakers.
  • We need to ensure the rough in for the fireplace is adequate (and as per the dimensions we received).
  • We need to ensure our electricians know where all of the backlighting is going to be installed on each shelf.

Here is what the plan really looks like and what is on site for the crews.

Elevation Drawings for the 72″ linear fireplace | Sheri Bruneau, Designer

Next Steps

We have already had our onsite meeting with Casa Flores and now are just waiting for late January for the fireplaces to be installed. While we wait, this home is going to take on an entire new look as painting has already begun!

I look forward to updating you on this project.

Shop the Look – Wallpaper

For this project, we are using wallpaper for 5 different areas. I get asked this question a lot

Has wallpaper changed because removing it has always been an issue.

Common question asked about wallpaper

The short answer is yes! Wallpaper has come a long way and the removal of it has never been easier (at least the wallpaper we source for our clients).

So whether you are going to line the back of an open bookshelf, wallpaper one wall or an entire room, I’ve pulled together some selections for you.


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