Fulgor Milano | Enhance your cooking experience

Fulgor Milano

Fulgor Milano | Enhance your cooking experience

These days, who isn’t cooking more in their home? Who doesn’t want to live a healthier life? Fulgor Milano is an appliance company that is doing just that. This Italian company showcases craftsmanship and modern technologies that will enhance your cooking experience!

I first learned about this company a couple of years ago at the Kitchen and Bath Show. While I didn’t get a chance to write about their brand back then, I’m happy to be showcasing it today!

**Please note: this is not a sponsored post and I am in no way receiving any compensation. The views expressed in this blog are my own. **

The Brand & Values

Although Fulgor Milano has had a history of manufacturing cooking equipment since the late ’40s, it became our goal to build on that heritage and develop cooking equipment that would exceed all expectations of quality, performance, and styling.

Fulgor Milano

Since 1949, this company has played a roll in the appliance industry. While the focus originally was being a OEM manufacturer (Original Equipment Manufacturer) whose main goal was to produce goods used as components in the products for another company, the company launched this brand to North America in 2010.


With a concentration on design, functionality, performance and value, the clean lines of the cooking options are second to none. Designed and manufactured in Italy, there is something for everyone.

Professional Line

Sofia Pro Range

The 36″ Dual Fuel Pro Range has 6 burner positions. One of the burners is a Crescendo burner. What is that? It should be music to any chef’s ears!

The absolute control you have, in one burner, is pretty spectacular!

Included in the range is

  • robust brushed metal knobs
  • dual convection commercial-style racks
  • multi-level lighting
  • full-extension rack with stainless glides.

This 36″ range also comes in an induction model.


Who knew appliances could be customized? As the website words it,

Dress Sofia in vibrant Venetian Red, brilliant Palladio White, glistening Gondola Black, sumptuous Black Velvet, glistening Rialto Grey or delicate Canova White.

With a Sofia Color Kit, making a change is breeze, simply replace the door and one piece toe-kick whenever the mood strikes you. Sofia can even change with the seasons to make your kitchen alive with color.

Fulgor Milano

So many gorgeous colours to choose from! In addition, there is a custom name plate that is on this range. This is really where you can be creative, fun, spunky…whatever floats your boat.

I encourage you to scan the QR code to see how much fun you can have.

I would love to know what would go on your name plate? Would you choose something ‘traditional’ or something a little saucy?

Cooking Options


There are many options for cooking

  • 48″ All gas range or dual fuel range
  • 36″ All gas range, dual fuel range, or induction
  • 30″ All gas range, dual fuel range, or induction

There truly is something for everyone and their cooking needs.

Range and Cook Tops

There is also a wide range of range tops and cooktops.


There is also a wide range of oven options. From single ovens, double ovens, microwave, and steam both in 24″ and 30″ options. Have I mentioned that there truly is something for everyone!

Other Products

In addition to what has been showcased above, there is a range of other appliances to outfit your entire kitchen. In addition to the ranges, range tops, cooktops, and ovens we’ve seen above, they also have

  • microwaves
  • ventilation
  • refrigeration
  • dishwashers
  • coffee machine inserts

Lead Times

This is on top of mind these days as supply chains have been deeply disrupted by Covid. The good news, my Canadian friends, is that most are stocked in Burnaby, British Columbia. Special order pieces are estimated to be 12-16 weeks from Italy.  Yes – made right in Italy, just for you.

A Promotion you say?

As I write this post, there is a promotion currently going on. And who doesn’t love a promotion? Here are the 2 promotions currently running:

Buy a Sofia range and receive a Free Hood of the same width.

Buy a Kitchen Package, receive a Free Hood with Sofia Range and a $500 rebate on the package

A Family Passion

The Meneghetti Family continues to produce products that bring family together. And what better way to bring a family together than around a table. Cooking with fresh ingredients and living a healthier lifestyle has never been so important than it is these days.

I hope this blog has given you a good peek at this amazing brand.

Sheri Bruneau


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