Getting ready for the holidays: My top 3 tasks you can start preparing for

getting ready for the holidays

Getting ready for the holidays: My top 3 tasks you can start preparing for

Typically I write about the world of renovations. This week, I’m going off-track just a bit and discussing getting ready for the holidays.

Since I am an uber organized person, it’s never too early to get ready for the holiday season. Here are my Top 3 Tasks to help you get ready.

Stocking Stuffers

How many of you do stocking stuffers? In my family, we actually don’t do stocking stuffers. Instead of a stocking on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning, we do an Advent Calendar that starts on December 1st. Knowing that it starts on Dec. 1, there isn’t a whole lot of time left to prepare!

When the kids were young, each morning they would race down to the kitchen to see what the elf had left them. And yes, there were 24 elves that would visit our home (and someone tell me why on earth would we start a tradition like this?) Honestly, there were some nights where I woke up at 2 am to get that damn note into the Advent calendar!

Sometimes, the elf would leave

  • A little treat to eat.
  • A task for the kids to complete before the next day.
  • On the rare occasion, the elf would leave a little bit of a ‘warning’ about the behaviour! And yes, that did happen in our home.

Since my kids are all adults now, the elf may not visit however there is ALWAYS a chocolate Advent Calendar.

Since I am a huge believer of giving experiences or consumable gifts, the tasks and/or activities were my favourite. Playing a board game, reading a new book, going skating, etc.

So whether you are participating in an Advent Calendar or going to be doing Stockings, here are a few of my favourite Stocking Stuffers that fall into the ‘consumable‘ or ‘experience‘ category.

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Guest Bedroom

For the first time ever, we may have guests sleep over at our home. With my sister being in Denver, it is only my parents and my family here in Calgary (on my side). The Mr. has his entire family living in Calgary so there is never a need to have a guest bedroom ready for them.

This year, we are hosting Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Although my parents do live in Calgary, once the games get started and some holiday beverages get flowing, my parents will most likely sleep over. Who wants to drive home on Christmas Eve only to return the next morning for gifts and breakfast?

I’ve had so much fun creating our guest bedroom. And while I was pulling things together, I was conscious that I wanted to make things as comfortable as possible for my mom and dad. Those items include new gorgeous bedding and new towels.

Here are a few ideas that you could incorporate into your guest bedroom.

Food and Drink Items

Since we are hosting Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we will be serving a lot of food and drinks.

I’ve put together a few of my favourite ‘must have’ items for this category.

Getting Ready for the Holidays

While we do not have our Christmas lights up yet (I make my family wait until at least December 1st), if you are doing any sort of hosting or any kind of Advent activities, it’s never too early to start preparing and getting organized!

getting ready for the holidays


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