Getting ready to buy for a renovation: How I organize myself

Getting ready to buy for a renovation: How I organize myself

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When I’m getting ready to buy for a renovation, whether it be by myself or with a client, I like to be organized.  I know – that’s a total shocker!  Whether it be for shopping for a bathroom or a kitchen, my process is the same.

Ensure the design is complete

There is no point pulling together a shopping list if I have no idea what we are going to be shopping for.  I use the design to create my list and ensure that nothing is missed.

Getting ready to buy for a renovation


In this main bath design, we are going to be adding in

  • a new vanity,
  • new cabinet hardware (pulls/knobs),
  • two new sinks,
  • two new faucets,
  • a new mirror (or 2 separate ones)
  • flooring
  • bathtub
  • tile for the bathtub walls
  • shower faucet
  • toilet

Create a detailed shopping list

While the above list may seem simple, I actually have to go into more depth for each item.

A new vanity

I need to know the dimensions for each sink base cabinet.  For this bathroom, each base cabinet happens to be 30″ wide. This happens to be one of my favourite bathroom sinks!  Kohler’s Verticyl® Rectangle under-mount bathroom sink.  What I love about it is that the bowl area length is only  17 1/4″ x 13″ wide x 6-3/4″ deep.  It’s a great size and still provides some good counter space.

New Bathtub

It is important that I know the exact size of the bathtub as well as the location of the drain.  In the main bathroom, we are going to be looking at bathtubs that are 60″ long by 32″ wide that are ‘alcove’ baths that have a right-hand drain.

This Kohler Archer® 60″ x 32″ alcove bath with integral apron is a great option that comes with a 25° lumbar angle.  It’s a great bathtub for a kids bathroom.

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New Faucet

Sourcing faucets for a main bathroom for kids is really a personal choice.  I really like single handle faucets as there is only handle for the kids to get dirty!  There are so many styles and it is important to go with the style that is in tune with everything else that is going on.  I already know my clients wish to have a more modern look.  This one has clearly caught my eye.

Image source

While this faucet comes with a drain rod, I typically specify a pop-up drain that you can open and close by touching the drain.  The reason is the drain rod is located at the back of this faucet.  By the time backsplash tile is added to the vanity, there is often not a lot of room for fingers to reach around to pull closed and push open the drain.  A pop-up drain is one of my favourites for this reason!

Getting ready to buy for a renovation

As you can see, there is a lot more detail that is needed when getting ready to buy for a renovation.  The more specific you can be, the more productive you will be on your shopping trip!  While I have only shared three products for this upcoming main bath renovation, I get as specific as I can for any and all product I am sourcing for.

Wishing you all the best when it’s time for getting ready to buy for a renovation!

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