Go To Paint Colors

Go To Paint Colors

I see this a lot on Pinterest



Go To Paint Colors

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It’s such a great headline grabber who wouldn’t want to know?  Here’s the thing: while that may true all for some homes and properties, there are many homes and properties that these colors will not work!  On a side note: the blog article that was written for the image above is chalked full of fabulous ideas on selling a home!  I’m in no way dissing this company!  I just happen to have a strong belief about colour and do not believe that one size fits all – nor does one colour work for everyone or every space.

What are Your Go To Paint Colors?

Go To Paint Colors

Although this pisses people off I have to be honest.  I don’t have a ‘go to’ set of colours.  When choosing colours, the first thing I look at is what are the driving factors that will steer the paint color ship?

  • Flooring
  • Cabinets/Trim
  • Counters
  • Stone and/or brick work

Anything that is permanent or a ‘fixed element’ will drive your ship to some extent with what colours you’ll be picking! That doesn’t mean you can’t have new, fresh colours.  It just means that what you might see on Pinterest may not work in your home.

Do I have colours that I end up specifying a lot?  You bet!  Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter is super popular now.  Why?  Many of the homes I am working in were all built around the same year so their fixed elements allow for Revere Pewter to be a great choice!  Most of my main floor in my own home is Revere Pewter!  It has a green/gray undertone that is soft, yet stunning.

Go To Paint Colors

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While Revere Pewter is popular, there are homes that just can’t pull that colour off!  I had a client a while back who wanted a refresh for their home.  They had recently installed black leathered granite in their kitchen that happened to have cabinets that read orange.  The orange undertone in the stain was screaming out for some love.  In addition, in parts of the home the floor tile also was screaming for some attention:

Go To Paint Colors

Revere Pewter was certainly not an option with this home because the fixed elements were dictating the color scheme. So what was picked out?  New trim colour (as the existing trim colour was WAY too white) and 3 new wall colours for various spaces/rooms in the home.

Go To Paint Colors

Although the paint colours above may not seem hip and trendy, they were the perfect colours to work with the fixed elements in the home and give the home a much needed refresh!

Paint Colors

When you’re ready to pick out new paint colours please, please, please, identify what your fixed elements are, identify what undertone they are, and then look at paint colors that fall in that same undertones.  You will never be disappointed!

Having trouble deciding what your undertones are?  Need some help with picking the best colors for your home?  

Contact me today.  Let’s choose your colours right the first time!

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