Transforming a bedroom to a Guest Bedroom for under $1000

Guest Bedroom

Transforming a bedroom to a Guest Bedroom for under $1000

Glass half full – it’s taken me less than a year to transform my daughter’s old room to a guest bedroom.

You see, when we developed our basement and our daughter moved to her new room, I had a great plan with what to do with her bedroom upstairs. Of course, I was going to transform that space into a little yoga room.

Can you guess how well that turned out for me? You know how this story will play out. It started out as a great place to do yoga and then life got in the way. Really, the best place for me to do yoga is with my instructor.

Here’s a little peak, at what the room looks like as I write this.

Guest Bedroom Before: Luggage that is being donated, an ironing board, and a chair from my son’s room.

Embarrassed? Not really. I see this all the time when I start to work with clients. It’s amazing what we will live with and get used to. With the holidays approaching, it really is time to get a guest bedroom in order.

Design Path

Since I redesigned my daughter’s room when we renovated our main floor and second story over six years ago, and I still love what is in there, I am working with it.

Guest Bedroom
Guest Bedroom | We’ll be using the existing drapery

I’m a huge fan of blue and green so I will be keeping her drapery. Her walls are one of my favourite colours as well – Wickham Gray by Benjamin Moore.

Guest Bedroom
Guest Bedroom Wall Colour: Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray

Moving Forward

To turn this little dumping ground into a guest bedroom (and let’s be honest, a place where I can also go if the Mr. decides to serenade me all night long with snoring), we need a few little things:

  • bed
  • bedside tables
  • bedding
  • lamps

Since this is a room that will most likely not be used a lot (my parents may sleep over at Christmas and my cousins may stay here once a year), I don’t want to spend a ton on this room. But – if you know me – I also want this room to feel cosy, fit in with the rest of the house, and look great.

Using the drapery and wall colour as our path, I have chosen the following:

Guest bedroom
Guest bedroom selections

Listed below are selections I have made. I will have all of the sources for you at the very end.

My blog contains affiliate links. Any purchases, that are at no additional charge to you, are most appreciated and make this blog possible.


Since this room is not overly large, I selected a double bed. While I could squeeze in a queen bed, I don’t want this room to feel crammed. I also chose this beautiful light blue.

Guest Bedroom Double Bed

I’m also in need of a mattress. I’ve been doing some research and Endy and Casper have me intrigued. Has anyone ordered one from either of these companies? Any feedback you’d like to share?

Bedside Tables

If you know me, matchy-matchy is not my thing. I actually don’t care for matching bedside tables. I chose to go with two tables as I know if my mom and dad end up sleeping over, they will both need a side table for their things.

Guest Bedroom Side Table

Guest Bedroom Side Table

Table Lamps

Although I have these ones ordered, I may just change my mind. For now, here is what I have selected. You may notice that these lights have chrome while the bedside tables are gold. It’s ok – I have mixed metals in my entire home. Really – it’s ok.

Guest bedroom table lamps


For this guest bedroom, I’m sticking with white bedsheets and a white duvet.

Guest bedroom bedding


Guest Bedroom

While I wait for these products to arrive, I am already thinking of changing out the ceiling fan (shhh…don’t tell the Mr.) and of course, I’ve been shopping for wall décor items. I don’t get to do a lot of ‘fluff and stuff’ (decorating) as most of my work involves the ‘crash and bang’ of a renovation. While I typically don’t source items online, this has been a fun little project for me.

Thinking of managing your own renovation? I’ve detailed my step by step process to ensure success!



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