Have a Plan

Have a Plan

I’ve just completed the 6 Weeks To Fall In Love With Your Home Webinar Series.  This was the first time that I have run a 6 week series and the first time I’ve ever held a webinar.  There was, of course, a learning curve with hosting a webinar but all in all, I hope that all the participants were able to get a boat-load of information to help them with their spaces.

Although I covered a lot of different spaces in a home, there are three key elements that should be taken into consideration when looking to organize, refresh, or redesign a space.


In my world, WTF stands for something totally different than what it means to my teens!


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When looking at any space, you need to figure out what the function is for that space.  Who is going to be using the space? What’s going to be going on in the space?  I think I may have said this more than once (ok – I think I said it in every webinar):



Once you know the function of the space, you need to create a vision for your space.  This is such an important step in creating a space that you will love for a very long time.  Your vision is going to drive every decision from this point forward! Whether your vision is in words, pictures, or both – create one.  This is a mood board that was created for my client for a basement renovation.  My client wanted a very spa-like, beachy feel to their basement bathroom.  Here is the vision (mood board) that I created for her:

Erin and Rob Laundry Room/Bathroom Option #3

Less Is More

Whether you are organizing a space, refreshing a space, or redesigning a space, there is one key step that can never be missed:


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When you watch any of the home shows and renovating shows, the reveals alway show a great space and beautiful designs.  What you don’t see is all the stuff that is not coming back to the space!  Purging is a very important step in this entire process.  A new space will not look new and refreshed if it is full of clutter.

Wishing you peace and calm in your spaces,

Sheri Bruneau Get It Together

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