Holiday Gift Guide of Experiences: My Top Choices

Holiday Gift Guide of Experiences: My Top Choices

It’s that time of year where many designers and influencers round up their top picks (including Oprah’s Favorite Things) and create their own Holiday Gift Guide.  Since I’m a huge fan of giving experiences as gifts, I’ve round up my favorite Holiday Gift Guide of Experiences.

I’m going to share a little secret with you:  the Mr. and I don’t exchange gifts.  I’m not sure when it started, and I really wish there was a fantastic, funny story to go behind this tradition, but there isn’t.  Instead of exchanging gifts, we share time together on holidays and we share experiences together.  This year, when we go away, we already have planned a snorkeling adventure.    While I’m not looking forward to the boat ride out, I am so looking forward to our time snorkeling!

For our adult kids, they also receive experiences for Christmas.  I can’t share what they are because I know at least one of my kids reads this!  I will say I have had fun coming up with things that I think they will enjoy!  Listen, they don’t need any electronics, they don’t need clothes, and they both certainly do not need shoes!  What I like about giving the gift of experiences is that it does not have to cost an arm and a leg!  So what would go on my Holiday Gift Guide of Experiences?

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Holiday Gift Guide of Experiences

Experience Laughter

My family loves to play games – especially at Christmas.  I will admit that I can be a touch (ok – a LOT) competitive.  That always seems to be brought up and I get bugged about it every year.  The experience of laughter is one that you can never re-create.  As such, these fun games are going on my Holiday Gift Guide of Experiences. My family enjoys all 3 games and we may be known for throwing the Catch Phrase game at the next person so we don’t get caught at the buzzer!

Rummikub | Speak Out | Catch Phrase

Experience Peace and Calm

I use the words “Peace and Calm” a lot.  With the busyness of the holiday season, I always try to find time to just relax.  Although I’m not good at just sitting, there are a few things that you could give as experiences to encourage your loved one to enjoy the peace and calm of the season. The three gifts I chose below are all gifts that would certainly encourage me to experience peace and calm.

Essential Oil DiffuserKindle Oasis E-readerBathtub Caddy

Experience Adventure

The word adventure means something different for everyone. The items I chose for this category are all what I would consider an adventure of some sort.  For two of my choices, they are local choices.  If you do not live in the Calgary area, I highly encourage you to come to visit and see the beauty of our great province!

Banff Adventures | 23 and Me | Dancing Lessons

I chose 23 and Me as I consider this type a gift a true adventure!  I know the hubby is very interested in having this done and boy – would that be an adventure!

For 2019 we are planning a trip to Nashville.  While the hubby and I don’t give gifts, this would be a great adventure for us to go on prior to our trip. I can just guess whose feet would hurt the most after our lessons!

Holiday Gift Guide of Experiences

You may notice there are no toss cushions, no knick-knacks, and no fluff and stuff.  The choices in my Holiday Gift Guide of Experiences are just that – experiences.  I hope this holiday season you get to relax, enjoy, and experience.

Many good wishes,

Sheri Bruneau Get It Together


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