Holiday Trends for 2020: My top 3 picks for this year

holiday trends for 2020

Holiday Trends for 2020: My top 3 picks for this year

It’s that time of year where we look at holiday trends for 2020. While I’m not a fan of starting Christmas decorating too soon (and by too soon, nothing before Dec. 1st), the stores are filled with the season of Christmas.

So what trends are we seeing?

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The Great Outdoors

Since Covid, all of us are spending more times in our own homes. Over the summer we could be outside and enjoy the warm temperatures.

As the winter season approaches and the weather gets cooler, many of us will still want to be reaching for the great outdoors. There are many ways to stay connected to the great outdoors.

  • Go outside for a walk
  • Decorate your outdoors and spend time outside
  • Bring the outdoors inside

Never before has the great outdoors been a holiday trend like we’re seeing this year. Cheers to being outside (warm or cold). Cheers to bringing the outdoors in. Have I told you I’m doing my very best to embrace winter this year??? Check in on my in a couple of months to see how I’m doing!

Host and Hostess

While Covid restrictions affect the number of people who can gather together in one place, many people are finding that they will be hosting some kind of event this year. Some may be hosting their own family while some may be hosting their cohort group. And some will most certainly be hosting for the first time! I’ve pulled together some hosting ideas that are a must for anyone.

Eco Friendly

We can all take steps to help Mother Earth. Here are some eco-friendly gifts that are not only great for our environment, but they are products that can be used every day!

I posted on my facebook page this past weekend about shopping local. This quote

BUY CANADIAN โ€“ BE CANADIAN โ€“ The job you save might be your own.

really hit home. In speaking of holiday trends for 2020, I’d love to see shopping local take front and centre. Here’s a list of some of my favourite local businesses that I do business with, that I know, and really love!

Personal Care

Maybe this Christmas, you’ll give the gift of personal care. Whether it be through the gift of a adjustment, a new haircut, or something for you!

I have included my friend, Mary Ann with Northern Lights Home Staging and Design, who creates unique and colorful fractal art inspired by the Alaska landscape, plants and animals. You really should take a peek at her art!

Home Facelift

Perhaps you’ll give yourself the gift of a home facelift. Whether it’s through having your home totally cleaned, or installing something new (new lights, new wall colour, etc.) Below, I have listed my local trades and suppliers we have used. These businesses are local, small businesses that we use for our projects and who are part of our business family.

Holiday Trends for 2020
Sculptural Design Inc fireplace in one of our projects.

Just Personal

And these local companies are ones that I know and trust in my own personal life. Some truly great peeps! Instead of a physical gift, perhaps a gift of real estate investment is on your list. Maybe a new home or new stock? Let’s be creative here!

**If I have missed you in error, please let me know and I will gladly add you**

I love keeping up with trends (it’s kind-of part of my job) and I love seeing the trends for the holiday season. Is there a trend that you’re seeing that is not mentioned here? I’d love to hear about it!

Sheri Bruneau


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