Honey Oak Kitchen Transformation

Honey Oak Kitchen Transformation

I’ve been working in a Honey Oak home for a bit now and we are officially on to Phase 2.  Here are all of the phases for this home:

  1. Main bath and Powder Room – Complete
  2. Kitchen/Family Room Refresh – in progress
  3. Master Bathroom – on deck
  4. Staircase, Flooring and Paint for rest of home – next year.

This home is a great home in a great location so when I started working with my clients I knew that they had looked at downsizing but knew that they loved their location and they really did love their home – it just needed some updating.

As you can see, the list of renovations is quite extensive and due to the curse word ‘budget’, this home will be going through renovation phases. The truth is, that is reality and quite honestly, I love seeing my clients get excited each time we start a new area.

Honey Oak Kitchen Transformation

Behind the Scenes Work

When we started working on the main bath and powder room, we actually chose the home’s foundation palette so we had a plan moving forward for the entire home.  I knew when we started that this would be done in phases so it was crucial to nail down the foundation palette for the entire home.  Every decision that is made for any space will be made knowing that the home’s foundation palette will be cream.

honey oak kitchen

Benjamin Moore Mascarpone

Making Decisions

This home happens to have a massive amount of honey oak including a honey oak kitchen with a honey oak sunshine ceiling.

honey oak kitchen

A before picture

This kitchen also connects to the sunken family room and both spaces are located in the rear of the home.  As such, we are going to treat these two spaces as one space and start refreshing it!

After obtaining quotes for a brand new kitchen vs reconfiguring this one (as my clients really do love their layout), looking at refacing vs getting new, the decision was to refresh what is currently in this space.  There will be some cabinet reconfigurations that will happen, the island is going to get a much nice look to it, and all new appliances will be installed.

Scope of the Work

Knowing that other areas are also going to be renovated down the road, the following is going to take place (and work has already started):

  • Removal of backsplash and counters.
  • Removal of the sunshine ceiling.
  • Reconfiguration of some of the cabinets to allow for a larger refrigerator.
  • Build a custom hood fan.
  • All upper cabinets will be moved up roughly 4″.
  • Addition of light valances on the upper cabinets.
  • Addition of a crown molding on the upper cabinets to take them up to the ceiling.
  • Reconfiguration of the open shelving on either side of the kitchen sink.
  • New pot lights installed.
  • New valance lighting installed.
  • New knock-down ceiling for both kitchen and family room.
  • All cabinets painted.
  • All window casings painted.
  • All walls in this area painted.
  • Install quartz counters.
  • Install of new appliances.

I’m sure I’ve missed things along the way as there are a few fine details (like the addition of soft-close hinges).

Here is what the space currently looks like with the sunshine ceiling taken down:

honey oak kitchen

This honey oak kitchen transformation is slated to take roughly 4 weeks.  Next week is a big, messy week as the ceiling work is going to be getting done.  3 days of dust, muck and yuck.  With me being a half-glass full kind of gal, I look at it this way:  short term pain for long term gain!

Sheri Bruneau Get It Together

If you’d like to keep up to date with this project more frequently, I’ll be posting some updated photos and videos on my Facebook page.  I hope you’ll join me over there!


Here’s a quick shot of some progress

In progress with painting kitchen cabinets Honey oak to white | Sheri Bruneau, Designer

Almost completed project with painting kitchen cabinets Honey oak to white | Sheri Bruneau, Designer

Not sure where to start with your renovation project?  Contact me today to discuss how I can work with you to get the home of your dreams! 

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