How Does The Stuff You Own Let You Lead The Life You Want?

How Does The Stuff You Own Let You Lead The Life You Want?

THAT is the question Peter Walsh asked the audience when I recently saw him live at an event.  A fairly simple, yet loaded question.  If you are not sure how to answer that question, you can start by seeing if you tend to use the following words to describe a space:

  • suffocating
  • buried
  • can’t breathe
  • the walls are closing in
  • drowning
  • stressed out

Do any of those words or phrases sound familiar to you when thinking of a space(s)?

According to Peter, the mistake that people make when trying to get organized is thinking they just need the right ‘thing’ to help them.  Peter talked about how we get ‘sucked in’ (my words – not his) into the promise of ‘stuff’.

Jewellery organizer shoe organizer Closet Organizer
This jewellery organizer will organize all my jewellery This shoe organizer will organize all my shoes This closet organizer will organize all my clothes

You get the point?  The thinking of, “If we just acquire the right things, we’ll have the life we want,”  couldn’t be further from the truth!    Peter says, “If you just focus on the stuff, becoming organized is not going to happen.”  

So HOW do you start to address clutter?  Peter responds to virtually every situation with the following:

  1. What is the vision for your space?
  2. What is the function for your space?
  3. Does your space require zones?
  4. Do you know the limit(s) of your zones and space?

By thinking of the vision and function of your space, you are re-framing your thoughts for your space(s).  Instead of asking, “what storage container do I need here to help with this mess,” you ask yourself, “what is the vision I have for this space?”   By having a vision for your space, you are more likely to honor and respect that space.  Here is an example:

Master Bedroom

When you check into a beautiful hotel room, you might find yourself opening the door, walking in, and letting out a huge, “Ahhhhhh.”

Luxury Hotel Room


Do you get that same feeling when you walk into your master bedroom?  Do you find yourself saying, “ughhh!”

cluttered bedroom

Peter shared that for every consultation he does, he starts with seeing the Master Bedroom.  Why?  He believes it is the most important room in the house!  The master bedroom sets the tone for the entire home as well as setting the tone for your kids (if you have kids).  So ask yourself,

1. What is the vision I have for my master bedroom?  Is it for your room to be more:

  • romantic?
  • peaceful?
  • serene?
  • calming?

2. What is the function for your master bedroom?

  • to sleep?
  • to have a loving relationship with your spouse or partner?
  • to relax?

3. Does your space require zones?

  • do you need a zone for books for reading before bed?
  • do you need a zone for a clock radio?
  • do you need a zone for clothes?
  • do you need a zone to keep ________?

4. Do you know your limits?

  • there is only so much space in each zone.  Is your closet bursting at the seams? If so, you will need to purge.
  • how many books are reasonable to be on a night stand?  20 books is probably not reasonable however, 3 may be.
  • is the floor the right space for clean (and/or dirty) clothes?  I’m thinking not.

Keep going back to your vision and let that be the driving force for decisions you make.  If you want a romantic master bedroom, clean and/or dirty clothes on the floor is NOT creating romance.  Having to step over kids toys to get to the bed is NOT creating romance.

It’s time to create the home you want because nobody else will.  It’s your home, your investment, and your life.  So, what is your vision for your space?

Part II – 2 Kinds of Clutter 

**Quotes were taken from Peter Walsh’s live event on April 20, 2013


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