How To Make Confident Decisions In Your Home

How To Make Confident Decisions In Your Home

The one thing you must do to be confident about your interior choices

Have you ever questioned whether you made the right choice with something?  Maybe you bought a pair of jeans that looked killer on you in the dressing room, yet when you came home they somehow metamorphosed into the worst granny jeans alive!

Whether you’re looking to redesign a space, get new furniture, paint some walls or embark on a renovation, there is one thing you must do to be confident about your interior choices.

How To Make Confident Decisions In Your Home: Compare

The answer is in this one word: compare.  If I have said this once, I have said this a thousand times, compare, compare, compare.  It doesn’t matter what you’re buying, you can’t really make a decision until you compare.


When I help clients choose colours for their home, I bring out all 125 samples of my 11 X 14 colour boards plus my architecture kits from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.

The one thing you must do to be confident about your interior choices

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Why?  Because we can compare until our hearts are content to find THE perfect colour!  Just last week I wrote a post about Decorating from Brown to Gray and how there are different undertones with gray.  You won’t see those undertones until you start comparing.  There may be a colour you’ve seen online or in someone’s home however that particular colour may not work in your space.

Recently, I’ve been helping a client choose the best cream colour to paint their dated family room that has dark, ash wood panel walls.  When we look at the cream samples, it is clear to see – WHEN YOU COMPARE – that some are more yellow while some have more of a ‘dirty’ look to them.  All of the paint samples in the image below all fall in the ‘Cream/Ivory’ category.   The way to find THE RIGHT colour for your space is to compare.

comparing colors
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Goldilocks sure knew what she was talking about.  “Too soft, too hard, just right.”  The same is true when you compare paint.  It can be too yellow, too pink, too green….until you find the ‘just right’ one – by comparing!


Working with this client, I’m also helping them with new furniture choices (size and colour).  Guess what?   Once you know the ideal size and configuration, we go back to comparing fabric.  We compare fabrics to the fixed elements (typically the floor as paint is the last thing that is chosen), and compare one fabric to another.  While some fabric may look so pretty on its own, when put together with the flooring, it can sometimes scream, “Oh no you don’t.  That’s just wrong”.  This is an image of a fabric that actually didn’t catch my eye at first however when I  paired with the carpet that was going to be installed it actually worked very well for an accent chair.

The one thing you must do to be confident about your interior choices
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Fabric from Urban Barn

How To Make Confident Decisions In Your Home

Without comparing A to B, it’s really difficult to know if you will be making the right decision.  Although comparing can take a bit of time, the end result is so worth it.  The payoff is knowing that you have made a decision and have made a confident decision!

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Need some help to make confident decisions in your home?  Send me an email to discuss your home.

One of the biggest investments one can make is the investment of a home and I believe you should LOVE coming home.

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