How to sell your home for “Top dollar in 21 days or less”!

How to sell your home for “Top dollar in 21 days or less”!

Sell your homeYou may think that this statement is an advertisement from a Realtor to get his or her phone to ring… but there are four ways to shorten your days on market and sell for top dollar.

Plan ahead

Repair and maintain the exterior of your home and property when the weather allows.  Fence repair, yard work, exterior painting and over all maintenance of the exterior is a must.  Curb appeal is the first thing potential buyers see when they drive by your home.

De- clutter, organize & depersonalize

The interior of your home can be done year round, as it can be a lot of work to be done in a short period of time.  If you know you are going to sell, why not get a head start on it?

Repair, maintain and deep clean

This should be an on-going process when you own a home.  We all know that repairs take time and typically money.  Get the little things looked after!  When you are done you can say to yourself, “ Why didn’t we do this years ago ?“  Remember, you only have one chance to make a good first impression !

Price your home to sell

When you sit down with your Realtor of choice, examine the best comparable homes recently SOLD and learn from sale of these properties as to the correct pricing range for your home in the current market conditions and create the atmosphere “ I better buy it before someone else does!”

With a little time, effort, dollars and knowledge you can be on your way to selling for “Top dollar in 21 days or less”!

Guest post written by Greg Squire.  You can contact Greg via email or visit his website for more information!


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