How To Tame Your Dragon

How To Tame Your Dragon

It’s the year of the dragon this year and for many, it is a symbol of good fortune and a sign of intense power.  But for many, tapping into your power can be a struggle.  Not having clear direction can lead to roadblocks and dead ends. 

When it comes to taming your own dragon and organizing, there are a few steps that I like to take with clients to ensure they will be successful in their organizing journey.

Step 1:

Although this has nothing to do with the physical act of organizing, knowing the theme of your life is actually a key driving force towards becoming organized.  Perhaps your main focus is your family, your career, or your friends?

Step 2:

When you know what your current situation (theme) is, then it’s time to consider how you want to feel.  Give yourself permission to say what you actually want, not what you should want.

Step 3:

Once you know how you want to feel, then it’s time to look at three areas:

  • Physical Space
  • Your schedule
  • Your bad habits (and yes, we all have them)

Step 4:

Attacking each area with a plan is a sure way to be successful.  Knowing your level of attachment is a huge ‘a-ha’ moment for many and a key to this step.  For example, if you have a hard time delegating a task (working on your ‘schedule’ area), then you are the one who will have to do the task.   You have to ask yourself: can I let go of this task?  What is the worst thing that will happen if the task is not done my way?

Step 5:

Know your roadblocks!  Life gets busy, time slips away and before we know it, we are back in the same place we started.  By knowing your roadblocks you can plan ahead and know how to handle it when one appears.

Organizing is a journey.  It’s not one afternoon of getting rid of clutter, cleaning out a drawer, or purging clothes.  As Julie Morgenstern puts it,

            “Organizing isn’t about getting rid of things, its about identifying what is important to your and giving yourself access to it.”


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