When you’re ready to renovate: coming up with a renovation budget

When you’re ready to renovate: coming up with a renovation budget

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This week a new renovation/refresh project will be starting.  I met my client like I meet the majority of my clients; through a referral from a past client.  When I met my client she was looking to have her main bathroom and her kitchen refreshed.  As it is with all of my clients, I knew I was going to explain my process to come up with a budget.  So what exactly is my process with my client?  How did we come up with the end design and most importantly, how did we come up with a renovation budget?

How we come up with a renovation budget

I actually have many blogs that discuss what I believe the first step is in a renovation.  Of course, it is having a design in place.  If you haven’t had a chance to read them, here are two that cover this topic:

Main Bathroom

For my client, there were really only 2 choices for her bathroom for the layout:

  • Option A – refresh the entire space.  Really, this means out with the old and in with the new.
  • Option B – reconfigure the bath area to have a large shower (with no bathtub).

come up with a renovation budget

In the end, we chose to keep the bathtub as this was her only bathroom (better for resale down the road).

Cabinet Options

We discussed the options and pros and cons of installing a floating vanity vs one that was not.  We also discussed storage for this bathroom and how we could maximize the storage area.  Here are some ideas that I was able to show my client:

come up with a renovation budget

Once I knew the direction we were going in, I was able to present a really great looking vanity.  Stay tuned to see what we picked out!

Lighting Options

Once the vanity was solidified, we could look at lighting.  With this bathroom refresh, we are going to go with 2 wall sconce lights (which may give away which vanity we ended up going with) that will be located on either side of the mirror.  Here’s a peek at the cuties that are going to be installed:

come up with a renovation budget
Bathroom wall sconce lighting that we are going to use.

Flooring/Tile Options

When my client and I were discussing the bathroom, I had discussed using some larger tile to give a more modern look.  As a result, we are going with a fairly large tile (18″ X 36″) on the floor as well as on the walls of the bathtub/shower area.  I met with my tile setter as I wanted to ensure that we could do a stacked pattern for both the floor and the walls.

come up with a renovation budget
An example of a stacked pattern

Here is the conceptual design of her bathroom:

©www.gityyc.com           Note: the tile will be a different size and pattern (as discussed above).


For the kitchen, we looked at refacing the cabinets as well as the option of having them painted.  In the end, we decided to keep the existing cabinets just as they were.  This allowed us to address some other minor area in the kitchen/living room space.

Counters and Backsplash

We chose a great quartz that works with the existing cabinets.  In addition, we also chose a new backsplash tile that will be more neutral for the space.

Sink and Faucet

With having a new counter, we are going to go with a new undermount sink and a new faucet.


We decided to have one of track lighting removed and have some potlights installed.  We will also have two new pendant lights installed over the eating area.  For the living room, we are just going to update the track lighting as it really works in her space.


The entire townhouse is going to be fully painted giving the entire space a nice refresh!

come up with a renovation budget

How we come up with a renovation budget

When the design plan was created and approved, as always, I had my trades come in to provide a quote for their work.  Once I knew what their costs were going to be, I could start making strategic choices for what was going to be used in this bathroom and kitchen.

Realistic Expectations

My client already had a budget in mind for her bathroom and her kitchen so I had a really good start. Her budget was very realistic and quite do-able. I knew it was going to be my task to get everything she wished for within her budget.

Labour Costs

For the bathroom, the labour includes the following:

  • demolition
  • drywall
  • plumber
  • electrician
  • tile setter
  • painter

Here’s how the pricing looks:

come up with a renovation budget

Product Costs

Here is a little peek at how the product costs worked out:

come up with a renovation budget

How we come up with a renovation budget

Labour costs and product costs are put together and we end up with a total budget.  Guess what?  I came in under her budget expectations!  Here’s how the budget looks for two spaces:

come up with a renovation budget

My client had a budget in mind of $30,000.00.  As you can see, I’ve come in under her budget. I am not expecting any curveballs with this renovation as it really is a refresh of her spaces.  I’m looking forward to providing Facebook Live updates throughout this project.  I hope you can join me!

come up with a renovation budget


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