Electrical Panel: What you need to know before a renovation

I have invited an electrician that we use on our projects to discuss a topic that’s not very pretty or sexy, but SUPER important during a renovation. Your electrical panel is something that is always looked at when we take on a renovation project. I’d like you to meet Robb Lacey who is the owner

We need new furniture. Can I afford custom furniture?

When most people hear the word ‘custom’ they cringe as most times, it seems to equate to pricey. So let’s take a look at what custom furniture really means, and what you’re getting by purchasing a custom piece. Custom Furniture I believe there are 4 pros for choosing custom furniture: the opportunity to get exactly

Creating a custom furniture layout with a limited budget

We are currently working in a home where both the second story and the main floor are getting some love. Part of the love that this home is getting involves creating a custom furniture layout, with a limited budget. Setting the Stage When I first met with this lovely couple, they were looking to refresh

Tweaking a Renovation Budget: How to make the right decisions

This past week, we started a new project, in conjunction with Debra Blake Designs, to update a main bathroom. For this project we had to do some tweaking of the renovation budget prior to starting. Background of the Bathroom First of all, the home that we are working in may potentially be sold within five

Age in Place: 3 Key features my parents villa is missing

The past couple of weeks, I have been writing a blog series around Age in Place design. I have covered the following: Master Bathroom Master Bedroom Master Closet & Laundry Room Kitchen I have really enjoyed designing this bungalow. And while the main floor is complete, I will be working on a second story (walkout