Small Balcony – But Mighty | Spring One Room Challenge

I can’t believe I am writing this, but somehow I decided to be a guest participant in the Spring 2021 One Room Challenge. The focus is going to be on a small balcony. This really does fall in the category of, “What the hell was I thinking?” along with a smattering of, “When the hell

Recessed Lighting | How many lights do I need?

When it comes to recessed lighting, or as many know it as pot lights, is there a correct number to use in a space? I’ve enlisted the help of two our our trusted electricians. Robb Lacey, with Jewel Electric and Peter Doner with 4 Star Electric are chiming in on this popular question we get.

Mother’s Day – Why I’ve got 3 things on my list this year

I will warn you now, this is not exactly going to be a renovation post. I’m not going to lull you into sleep about supply chain issues, backorders, tracking orders, and pulling out my hair. And you can bet your sweet you-know-what I’m not going to be talking about Covid either. Today, I’m going to

Tile Installation | What you don’t know could cost you

Tile installation in a bathroom is very popular and quite typical for our clients. The situation that I’m going to talk about for this blog is such a sad story. Here is the history. Background We are very fortunate to be taking on the construction for a design colleague of mine, Caireen Kennedy with Shift

Renovation Headaches | Supply Chain Lead Times and Pricing

When my monthly newsletters go out on the first of the month, I include a ‘feature article’ that is typically not a blog post. This past April 1st, my feature was on renovation headaches. Not the construction headaches, but the supply chain headaches. So what exactly am I talking about? **A little side note: WordPress

Teleposts in a basement | What are the options?

When it comes to basement developments, we typically need to work around teleposts in a basement. Summer seems to be a great time to renovate kitchens and develop basements. Currently, we have three basement development plans for three wonderful families where the posts are coming into play with the design. Working around posts in a

Timeless Design | How to achieve this in your home

When it comes to designing spaces, you may have heard of the phrase timeless design. What is exactly is timeless design and what does it mean to you? Timeless design has many meanings. Here are some meanings that you may have heard of. It will stand the test of time. The design that will never

Kitchen Island Redesign | To keep the angle or not?

We have been busy with another kitchen design and specifically looking at a kitchen island redesign. A couple of weeks ago, I shared some options for clients who were looking at the potential of not only reconfiguring their island, but potentially taking out their corner pantry as well. This week, I’m sharing another project where