Exterior Renovation: A James Hardie Winning Combination

I’m not sure how many of you know this, but I work with SIS Exterior Renovations to help their clients with exterior renovation selections. Last week I received a call from Alanna Foster, one of their consultants I work with. She had the BEST.NEWS.EVER. Exterior Renovation Before I get to the best news ever, you

Designing a Kitchen: How do I ensure function first?

When I work with clients to start designing a kitchen for them, there are many questions that are asked to get to know more about their existing space. What I typically like to do is a walkthrough through the entire main floor or the level where the kitchen is located. Sometimes, we will also tour

Pendant Lights over a kitchen island: How do I do it?

This past week, I worked in two different projects. While both projects are very different, they share a common theme: pendant lights over a kitchen island. What I typically suggest When I manage renovations, I like to have everything all sourced out, purchased, and onsite for the particular trade. That includes pendant lights over a

Master Bath Remodel Plan

When I first met my clients on January 9, 2019, we met to discuss an entire home remodel. While my clients have a lovely home, there were certain areas that were not working for them and their three beautiful girls. One area that we spent quite a bit of time was discussing the master bath.

Managing Your Own Renovation: A guide to success

I never thought the day would arrive when I would have this all ready to announce! I mean, it was over one year ago that I started the process of writing this series of e-books. The focus is one that I live and breath in my every day life: managing your own renovation. A guide

Why paint color matching will never be an exact match

A couple of weeks ago I attended a lunch and learn for designers hosted by Julian Tile. It was at this event where we were educated on large format tile as well as learning about paint pigments. After learning more about paint, as well as working with a client who was going to color match,

Project Reveal: Full Facelift home makeover

When I typically work with clients, I typically transform one or two spaces. Kitchens, bathrooms, and basements tend to be the spaces I spend a lot of time in. For this project, we were giving a home a full facelift home makeover! Every room received some kind of love. You can view the entire project

Large Format Tile: You’re going to see why it’s so hot!

This past week, I attended a lunch and learn hosted by Julian Tile. Have I ever said how I love learning opportunities like this? For this event, we were educated on paint pigments (that will be next week’s blog) from Benjamin Moore, as well as the large format tile by Julian Tile. Oh….how I know