New Kitchen Design | Magic can happen without moving any walls

When planning a new kitchen design, many of our clients look to take out a wall and open up the space. By taking out the wall, there is an opportunity to greatly increase the kitchen and living space. But…when you don’t have the option to remove walls, we are left with maximizing the existing space

Healthy trees are happy trees | Fall in love with your trees

My monthly newsletter just went out and our feature article was on healthy trees. While we typically deal with interiors, having a beautiful exterior is just as important to a happy home. Background Information on our own Backyard We used to have 3 Column Aspen trees in our yard.  I called them the triplets as

Custom Refrigerator Doors | What We’ve Got Planned

For an upcoming project, we’re going to create some design magic by designing some custom refrigerator doors for our clients. What exactly does that mean? Refrigerator Door Options When it comes to appliances in the kitchen, there are more and more options and choices for finishing. Metal One of the most common metal finish is

Pricing a Renovation Project | What is our process?

When it comes to pricing a renovation project, we follow a process that allows our investment budget to be crystal clear with our clients. Just this past month, we have pulled together investment budgets for three new projects. Although the scope of the work is completely different for these three projects, our process never changed.

Renovation Industry Woes | 3 areas causing us a pain in the a$$

Since Covid arrived into all of our lives, it seems that many things have turned upside down. From everyone working from home and needing new home office space(s), to people spending more time in their homes and realizing it needs a facelift, our renovation industry is simply mad. We are facing so many renovation industry

Appliance Review: Blomberg 24″ Tall Tub Top Control Dishwasher

My clients look to me for advice and for my knowledge on all things revolving around their renovation. When we carry out kitchen renovations, and new appliances will be ordered, I will often provide what I know about certain brands. This would be considered my personal appliance review. Connections When I visit trades shows, such