Dining Room Drama: What we have planned for this space

We have recently started working with clients who have purchased a home that was built in 2006. While the home is quite traditional, we will be transforming the entire home to be sleek and modern. So what do we have in store to create some dining room drama? Dining Room Transformation As Is First of

Holiday Trends for 2020: My top 3 picks for this year

It’s that time of year where we look at holiday trends for 2020. While I’m not a fan of starting Christmas decorating too soon (and by too soon, nothing before Dec. 1st), the stores are filled with the season of Christmas. So what trends are we seeing? The items below contain affiliate links. Any purchases,

Mid Century Vibe: From 1976 to 2020 Project Reveal

Our Mid Century Vibe project was complete just before we were hit with COVID- 19. While this project has been completed for quite some time, it was sure nice to be back in the home to take our final photos. Background When I found out that my clients were going to be moving from Ontario

Colour trends for 2021: See what Behr Paint has put together

Behr recently came out with their colour trends for 2021. It seems kind of crazy that we’re already talking about the year 2021, but can I just say that I’ll be happy when 2020 is over! Colour trends for 2021 Every year, paint manufactures come out with their own trends. We also wait patiently to

An Organized Space: My top 3 tips to get it together

Ahhhh…..ringing in a new year always gets people creating New Year’s Resolutions or setting goals. Having an organized space is one request that tends to fall high on a list for many people. I find that I personally deal so much better when things are In their place. When there is no clutter. When there

Useable gifts: My selections for you and your home

Useable gifts are gifts that I love giving and receiving. As you may already know, my own kids (aged 22 and 23) have been receiving experiences as gifts for many years. You see, they don’t need anything. This year will be no different (and that’s all I can say in case they read my blog)!