Designing a small space balcony | The curveball | Week 3 ORC

As you may know, I am once again participating in the One Room Challenge™ this spring designing a small space balcony. For week 3, I threw myself my own curveball. Yes, you read that right. Week one was an introduction to our 61 square foot space. Week 2 was reviewing the design plan we have

Living Room Design & Organizing | Right sizing this space

When it comes to living room design and organizing, these two words go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. You can try, but living rooms tend to be spaces in your homes for a variety of functions: kick back and relax social area to entertain a ‘drop zone’ for families at

Apartment Living | Sizing it right

When my daughter Abby mentioned a while back that she would like to move to downtown Calgary, I thought she had no idea about apartment living. Let’s face it, she has always lived in our home. We have a three bedroom home and we have an open concept on the main floor. When we developed

Dining Room Drama: What we have planned for this space

We have recently started working with clients who have purchased a home that was built in 2006. While the home is quite traditional, we will be transforming the entire home to be sleek and modern. So what do we have in store to create some dining room drama? Dining Room Transformation As Is First of

Holiday Trends for 2020: My top 3 picks for this year

It’s that time of year where we look at holiday trends for 2020. While I’m not a fan of starting Christmas decorating too soon (and by too soon, nothing before Dec. 1st), the stores are filled with the season of Christmas. So what trends are we seeing? The items below contain affiliate links. Any purchases,

Mid Century Vibe: From 1976 to 2020 Project Reveal

Our Mid Century Vibe project was complete just before we were hit with COVID- 19. While this project has been completed for quite some time, it was sure nice to be back in the home to take our final photos. Background When I found out that my clients were going to be moving from Ontario

Colour trends for 2021: See what Behr Paint has put together

Behr recently came out with their colour trends for 2021. It seems kind of crazy that we’re already talking about the year 2021, but can I just say that I’ll be happy when 2020 is over! Colour trends for 2021 Every year, paint manufactures come out with their own trends. We also wait patiently to