Trendy vs Timeless: Your home is not Las Vegas

Last week, I was actually on holidays.  This past summer was full of renovations and a summer holiday was just not in the cards.  When thinking of where to go for a quick break in October, Las Vegas was on the top of my list.  Although Hawaii is my absolute favourite destination to holiday, Las

Coastal interior design: Pulling this renovation together

For a couple of months now, I’ve been working with a great client in helping her pull together all of the items for her renovation project.  Her entire main floor, sunken family room, powder room, back entrance and laundry room were going to be getting a major overhaul and the look and feel she desired

Updating a built in bookcase: See my top 2 Options

This past week I have been involved in a discussion about updating a built in bookcase.  It just so happens, I’m also working in a home where a built in bookcase is getting a major facelift.  When it comes to updating a home, and you happen to have a built in bookcase, here are 2 possible

3 Tips to creating flow in your home

If you follow my blog, you all know how much I love Hawaii.  The islands, for me, hold a very magical place in my heart.  So much so, that I wrote a blog about how the aloha spirit and how I embrace it in my business. So what does Hawaii and creating flow in your

Fixer Upper: The Path to Successful Flipping

This past week I read a blog article that a fixer upper had posted about their own personal journey on renovating a home.  The blog is titled, “Why Chip and Joanna are BIG, FAT, LIARS (But we should all be watching their show anyway…)”.  It’s actually quite a funny read (as I do love the writer’s tone and language she

Honey Oak Staircase Makeover: What are my options?

As you may know, I am currently working in two homes that are full of honey oak.  One project I’ve called ‘Warm and Cosy‘ and the other one I’ve called ‘Honey I’m Gone‘.  Both of these homes are undergoing a complete transformations, both will have a cream foundation pallet, and both currently have a massive honey oak

You’re Baeumler Approved: So what?

My very good friend and colleague in Burlington Ontario, Claire Jefford with Creating Contrasting Designs introduce me to the Baeumler Approved program.  So what does it really mean for me to be Baeumler Approved. Baeumler Approved: Who is Bryan Baeumler? In Canada, Bryan is a pretty big television personality.  His shows on HGTV include: Home to Win