Are you feeling blue? Pantone’s colour of the year 2020

Blue….I love the way any colour can evoke emotion. Many had predicted a shade of green would be chosen however, blue was the winner! What does this blue evoke? Calmness and confidence all wrapped into one! Who is Pantone? First of all, you may be wondering who the heck is Pantone and why are they

Large Format Tile: Is it true, bigger is really better?

Large format tile has been around for a number of years however, it is becoming more and more popular. There’s Big Tile I personally consider an 18″ X 36″ tile part of the ‘large format tile’ family. I specified a beautiful tile for a main bathroom for a lovely client of mine. In her main,

The colour yellow: Do you love it or loath it?

This past week, I posted Behr’s colour of the month on my Facebook page. I was surprised to see how many people commented on the colour yellow. There seemed to be two camps with the colour yellow: love it or loath it. So what is the deal with this yellow? Note: I live in Canada

Powder Room – We’re packing a punch in this space

Last week, I wrote about a master bathroom that we are going to start in the new year. For this same family, we are also going to refresh their powder room. Powder Room As Is For this particular space, we are faced with a few challenges. There is a very tight angle that we need

Bathroom Designs: When asking ahead can save you a headache

I have my head knee deep in bathroom designs these days. Right now, I’m working on A master bathroom and a fun powder room for one family. Another master bathroom, master closet, main bath, and the addition of a main floor laundry space for another family. In both instances, I did something that I’ve learned

The Nix Color Sensor: Get ready to amp up your space

This past week I had the privilege to attend the Benjamin Moore VIP event. While attending the event, we were invited to walk around and learn about new, innovative products. One little gem caught my eye: the Nix Color Sensor. Nix Color Sensor I have to admit, I’m a little bit of a tech geek.

Transforming a bedroom to a Guest Bedroom for under $1000

Glass half full – it’s taken me less than a year to transform my daughter’s old room to a guest bedroom. You see, when we developed our basement and our daughter moved to her new room, I had a great plan with what to do with her bedroom upstairs. Of course, I was going to

Faucets for your home: what are you getting for more money?

When working with clients in pulling together budgets, there is typically room to manipulate the budget when selecting products. When working on a kitchen or bath project, we are always discussing faucets for the home. I have written a number of blogs about how we go about pulling a budget together. A comment on this

It costs money to renovate

You need money to renovate – that’s called simple math. But how much money do you actually need? How much should you be investing in your home? How does one go about finding WHAT it’s actually going to cost? My blog contains affiliate links. Any purchases, that are at no additional charge to you, are